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OTK Boots

I am so pleased to have received so many comments, questions, and requests for advice regarding OTK boots. I know that for many of you OTK boots are hard to pull off. Men are embarrassed to be judged and appear weird. For women, it can be hard to feel so “visible” and they might be even afraid to be seen as an object of sexual desire. In many ways stereotypes are playing a big role, and since I am not a big fan of them I decided to share how I see OTK boots and why they are a stylish and practical choice. You should know that I don’t consider myself a fashion specialist or an expert in the boot industry. My knowledge simply comes from owning several pairs and wearing them during "boot season". You can discover how many pairs I own, what brands they are, and when I wear them at the end of this post. ;) What is “OTK”

For those who don’t know, OTK is the shortcut for over-the-knee boots. The full term is also used for th