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Unlock your potential and live the fulfilling life you deserve.

Do you have a burning desire to express your love for leather in a unique way? Well, you're not alone! Each person has their own individual vision of how they want to manifest their attraction to leather. And my goal is to help you unleash that vision and bring it to life! No one else shares the same desire as you, so it's time to embrace your true self and live your life to the fullest without any regrets. Are you ready to take the leap and make your dreams a reality? Let's do this!

Mentoring Programs

Initial Consultation

At Power of Leather, we believe that everyone has the power within themselves to achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.


If you’re not sure where to start, book an initial consultation.

During the consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and develop a customised plan that’s tailored to you.

You can choose from an in-person option or video-call, whichever is most convenient for you.

Kimi, South Korea

It was very interesting and helpful for me to have Open Talk with Deni C. She made me feel comfortable and listen to me seriously. She let me to think about myself and my attraction to leather. Before I had the Open Talk with her, I did not recognize how to deal with my feelings about leather. Now, I feel much better than before. She was very polite and patient and out conversation was very smooth. I strongly recommend you to book a call if you want to improve in every part of yours. It will make you changed.

JF, Paris

When I met D. for the first time, and asked her how we'd recognize each other’s, she replied: “It'll be obvious.” And indeed it was more than obvious.


D. is really an inspiring person with a desire to help others grow and develop. She does it with a lot of authority and naturally.

With her, everything happens with great ease. She has a fascinating distinction and natural class.

She's a very mature person who you can trust completely. Just one piece of advice: let yourself go in her world!

Michael, Germany

After reading DeniC‘s impressive book „Power of Leather“ I was curious to learn more about this classy lady always dressed in elegant leather. I intended to convince myself whether my excellent impressions from the book were true. My conclusion after the talk: yes, everything is true. I could realize: DeniC is a dignified ambassador and promoter for high-quality leather clothing, she lives her leatherpassion, she is self-confident and intelligent. She is very friendly and respectful towards her counterpart during the talk. She is able to encourage others. For me personally the talk was an additional booster to come closer to that what DeniC is describing in her book „a personal type level 1“. See for yourself.

Is there anything you need to do before our meeting? 

It helps if you read my book, as you will find a lot of information about my path towards leather lifestyle there. If you are not a book collector, buy an online version in the shop section. And if you are not a reader at all, never mind, we can discuss everything when we Open Talk.

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