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Stockings in Leather Boots

Am I the only one who feels like we didn't really have a proper Spring this year? Just last week, I was wearing my warm winter leather coat, but today I could almost wear a t-shirt or even a short dress.

Even though the days are getting warmer, the nights are still chilly, and I don't want to get sick. That's where stockings come in handy.

As a child, I used to wear pantyhose often for their practicality and as a protection against the cold. Thank you mom for insisting on it. 

However, as a rebellious teenager, I avoided wearing them as much as possible because I found them unattractive when trying to seduce men. Additionally, I could not find any that would flatter my body shape and make me look more attractive. If only I knew… Or better to say, if only guys would have said…

I remember wearing stockings on several occasions for special events, but I hated that they never stayed in place and I had to keep pulling them up all the time. Tiring!

I like nice lingerie but my comfort first!

For most of my adult life, I haven't had many stockings or pantyhose in my underwear drawer. For exactly the reasons mentioned above.

Life has a funny way of proving us wrong.


It's not the first time I've received a message touching on this topic, but this might be the first well-articulated message showing interest in stocking, especially when combined with leather boots, that I believe deserves to be shared…


“Women's legs are compasses which survey the terrestrial globe in all directions, giving it balance and harmony.”

"L’homme qui aimait les femmes",( The Man Who Loved Women) in 1977, from François Truffaut.

I like women's legs in general, they are  sleek, lively, sparkling, impetuous, insolent...

I just love them..

Today, women very often wear  shoes and boots with bare legs, even in winter.

I know, it's trendy, and it's sensual, and when slightly tanned, legs lend themselves perfectly to this fashion.

Men of my generation (60s/70s) were used to stockings and, of course, tights, synonymous with women’s liberation.

I'm talking about autumn/winter, of course.

Yes, a bare leg is very beautiful, very natural, very healthy, but I must admit that the "satin", the "smoothness", the "perfect" side of a pretty stocking or tights can have a strong erotic power ,...

And the material, nylon or silk, further increases this particular power.

Generally speaking, and like many men, I like the image of a stocking stretched over a pretty leg wearing high-heeled stilettos.

The stocking can be attached to a garter belt, which further accentuates the erotic effect, or it can be self-fixing, which, of course, must be more comfortable and practical.

Stockings can also marvelously accompany boots, but, according to my observations, on the condition that they are below the knee, so that the line of contrast between the boot and the stocking, and that between the top of the stocking and the skin, are far enough away to produce an aesthetic image.

On the other hand, if it is a thigh-high boot, tights are strongly recommended, because the proximity between the top of the boot and the top of the stocking can produce a superposition effect which disrupts the general harmony.

On the contrary, tights will highlight the thigh-high boots, while shaping the thigh.

It is more appropriate to wear opaque black tights, in particular with black or dark thigh-high boots... This reduces the contrast and ensures the visual transition between boots and thighs. And also, it sends a message of “forbidden” , of inaccessibility which can play a very exciting teasing role.

The other advantage of tights seems to me to be that they provide an aesthetic "binding agent", and thus avoid the sometimes too marked break between the leather of the boot and the delicate skin.

There are hundreds of brands, from the cheapest to the most sophisticated … I really like Wolford and Falke tights, also Cervin stockings and tights, these brands of very high quality and comfort, and very good resistance.

Spring and its first sweets will reveal even more bare legs on café terraces….

But I am already impatient to feel the first thrills of autumn... Phillipe


How do you prefer leather boots...

  • On naked legs

  • With stockings/pantyhose

  • Both are great

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Apr 07

Thank you Deni for this blog. I am absolutely enthusiastic to read the explanation of stockings by Phillipe which is characterizing for me a respectful view and passionate expression of it. I would like to be able to write a similar explanation about leather garment. And I would like to send my compliments to you. Presenting leather wardrobe in the way as you do, respectfully, always dedicated to this material and its exceptional brilliance is extraordinary. It is an evidence for reliable leather passion.

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