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Leather-loving colleague

Have you ever worked with a leather-loving colleague but have missed out from telling them just how much you admire them ?

This is something that has lived with me for 20 years, when I started my first office job, being shy and nervous. There were lots of beautiful women in the office but one in particular always caught my attention. For the first year she never wore any leather but then when winter hit, she started wearing leather trousers with over her usual ankle boots.

Needless to say I would arrive at work each day hoping she would wear them, and more often than not she did.  Slowly over the coming months things progressed, as she then started wearing more and more black leather. She used to be my first thought each day, hoping she would be in her leather in the office. First she started wearing knee high boots, and I often found myself making excuses to go over to her desk for help.

I can't remember how long into my time there it was, but one day things changed. I'll never ever forget it, she walked in to the office in a full length black leather coat, but not only that a pair of soft black leather gloves, with red leather between the fingers. I was transfixed. I am sure she noticed and used to enjoy teasing me when she caught me staring.  We had to work together on several projects and I always remember how she would leave her gloves lying on her desk, showing me things on her screen, trying to avert my gaze from those perfect gloves. Every morning I hoped she would be wearing the coat and gloves - some days she would wear full leather. Lots of of other people in the office made jokey comments and she laughed and smiled but I always felt paralysed and unable to ever compliment her on her leathers. 

Still to this day one of my happiest ever days at work was when we had to go out to see a client today. Just the two of us would be travelling to the clients in her car. I can still see her smiling at me as we got in her car, her in her full length coat, boots and those gloves. I'm sure she knew the effect it was having on me, and she casually asked me if I'd like one of her mints, passing me the packet.

I can still remember the feeling of excitement taking a mint as my hand brushed against her glove 🖤 

To this day, whilst I remember it so vividly, I still regret never having the confidence to at least ask her about her leathers and how they made her feel. It may have been innocent and fun, but just to talk to a beautiful lady about her leathers has since become one of my favourite hobbies! Maybe a similar situation will arise one day again, I hope so 🖤 Written by Rob Smith

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Apr 02

I can relate. I currently work at an office job, and there is a lady who works in the accounting department who has 3 pairs of leather pants she wears....not everyday, but often enough. What's interesting or intriguing to me is that I noticed she only started wearing leather pants in the past 6-7 months — she them seem to got 2 more pairs as the season went on. Seeing how often she's wearing them recently, I've been admiring her with a great deal of curiosity (she looks great in leather pants). I would have to ask/talk her about it and find out if there is a story/reason behind her apparent love for wearing leather pants as of late, but the only…


I feel free to repost my comment of the group section:

Even though I understand your regret, I generally say to such "missed" occasions that you may have been saved by something very unfortunate. That being said, I am sure the situation will come back. And then, enjoy the spiritual moment when your souls meet ...

B.t.w. I have had such a situation very recently when two girls went back from a party, one in leather coat, me in leather jeans and jacket. We both wore a green wollen cap. Souls crossed and first they, then me took photos from both of us. It gave a perfect partner look ...

So - it is just a matter of timing.

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