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Different approaches and postures in the way to support the individual according to their needs and expectations.


Focuses on helping individuals set and achieve specific goals, usually related to personal or professional development. Coaches provide guidance, feedback, and accountability to clients to help them reach their objectives.


Involves a more experienced individual (the mentor) providing guidance, advice, and support to someone less experienced (the mentee). Mentoring often involves sharing knowledge, skills, and insights to help the mentee grow personally or professionally.


Focuses on addressing psychological issues, emotional challenges, and mental health concerns. Therapists use various techniques and interventions to help clients understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and to work through difficulties in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

Understand your needs

The certified coach accompanies his client, the coachee, to move towards his objective by helping him to find the solutions and positive actions to put in place for his well-being.

Personal development coaching | Life Coaching and Professional Coaching

The coach therefore guides the coachee towards his objective by allowing him:

  • to know yourself better by identifying your resources, your superpowers in order to use them to achieve your goal

  • to generate deep awareness to transform oneself

  • to finally take positive action to create the right behaviors for themselves.

The coach puts the coachee in a situation of deep questioning, of taking a step back from their situation, in order to generate beneficial awareness and find solutions to their problem and to positively affect their change.

Personal development coaching therefore makes it possible to guide the coachee towards a state of well-being by allowing them to know themselves better by mobilizing their internal and external resources and to put them in positive movement towards achieving their objective.


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