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5 facts about leather in summer

"How do you do it in the summer? Do you really dress in leather all the time?"

What a funny question… to which I often reply something like “of course” or “why wouldn’t I dress in leather in the summer?”

There are a few facts that I want to mention, to explain why I think leather fits the summer season.

Wearing leather in the summer is chic and gives you options to level-up your personal style.


1. When it’s hot you sweat in any clothes.

Whether it’s cotton, cashmere, silk, or jeans… when it is above 30 degrees, regardless of the material you have on you, you’re going to be hot and your body will react to it.

It doesn't matter what fabric you wear but how much of it you put on yourself.


2. It’s hard to find leather clothes for summer.

If you go for what’s easy you’ll never stand out.

Truth be told, yes, it might be easier to find leather pants, jackets, and coats but I assure you it’s worth a search for summer leather tops, skirts, dresses, and shorts.

Do you really want to wear a pink flower dress like every other girl? Who will notice you among everyone wearing the same thing?

Clothing is like a Tetris - if you try to fit in, you will disappear.

3. Leather in the sun

Skin in general should be protected from direct sunlight. As much as we don't want to have wrinkles on our face, we don't want our leather clothes to age too rapidly. Just as you protect your skin with cream, you should also protect your leather (and choose the shade when you can!) Your clothes will pay you back by looking good for years.


4. Not every leather is the same

For summer, choose lightweight leather such as lambskin. You can choose a thin lining or not. I have dresses in both options and like them equally.


5. Summer calls for colorful clothes And finally, summer is the time to bring out light colors (of course in line with your personal style.) You might have noticed that I wear mostly black, even in the summer. Nevertheless, occasionally in the summer I do put on white leather pieces.

So play with a color palette that fits you and matches what you want to show to the world.

Because life is not just black and white and neither are we.


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1 comentário

23 de jun. de 2023

Just today felt I in the mood to wear one of my pairs of black leather jeans with a light green shirt ... it gives an interesting look and throwing in colour makes it more lightweight - while the aspect of power is kept!

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