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Is summer leather season?

People often say that summer is not a leather season, but for me, summer is as much leather season as any other time of year. 


During my holidays in Tuscany, I went to the famous Outlet Mall in Firenze to find some summer leather pieces. To my surprise, I didn’t find any. None of the famous brands sell leather clothes in summer…as if leather isn’t considered summer clothing.


I wrote already about the advantages of leather and indeed among the qualities is that leather keeps you warm. Which only means one thing. Wearing leather in the summer certainly requires a different wardrobe than in other seasons.


But everything depends on styling!


You can be hot in leather in summer if you wear thick leather and/or clothes that are generally not designed for summers, such as leather pants or a thick leather jacket. 


Being born in summer makes me naturally a summer lover and so I love summer fashion too, especially the leather pieces made for summer. Despite the fact that they can be hard to find, they exist. 


For summer, I have various leather dresses, made from different types of leather. I have tops that cover just what is needed to hide and I usually combine them with leather shorts which are made from light leather. So in the end there is not much difference between other materials and leather. 


Then of course when it is 42 degrees like a few weeks ago I prefer to wear as few clothes as possible, and ideally be somewhere close to the water in a swimsuit.


I am a reasonable person and don’t have a swimsuit in leather and sometimes even I wear clothes made from other materials. (it doesn’t happen often though)


When it occasionally happens (especially when I play sports or when I am on the beach where it makes sense to wear more appropriate clothes) I always get the message on Instagram: “not wearing leather?”


I value my leather wardrobe and my intention is to use it appropriately so I don’t damage it. I hike in functional clothes and swim in a traditional swimsuit. :) 


My desire for wearing leather is still strong to the extent that every time I find jogging pants or any garment with a leather look I must have it. But still, it must be perfectly functional for the activity I intend to do in it.


For me, there is no leather season. I wear leather all year long. 


I do wear my leather dress on the beach and I can take a leather jacket to the mountains when the evenings are cold. But I always dress appropriately for the occasion and the activity. (That’s why you find me so classy, by the way). 


She knows how to dress appropriately to the occasion, she is always stylish in appearance and manners.

 Every season is leather season.

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Paul Evans
Paul Evans
Nov 22, 2022

Yep totally agree. I live a fairly active lifestyle too and a lot of the time leather just doesn’t work for the situation. That said I could probably max out my leather opportunities more! 🤘

Nov 22, 2022
Replying to

Important is to feel good in any outfit. It should bring the best of us and be a tool to help us achieve our goals.

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