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Leather addiction

It started with a leather jacket, followed by pants, and continued with dresses and skirts.
Is it an addiction? I’d rather call it striving for more. ;)

Today 90% of my wardrobe is leather.

Why and how did I get there?

I remember my first leather jacket and the feeling of people watching me every time I pulled it off.

I also remember how practical it was, always looking good with jeans, pants, and even dresses, no matter color, never looking old or getting dirty. There was no need to wash it every week, or iron it.

Noticing these advantages, I was encouraged to buy pants, more precisely leather stretch leggings. And that’s when the real shift took the place.

The feeling of being seen and even heard was overwhelming. I wanted to discover more, develop more, and have more. I desired to own more leather pieces, observe the reactions of others, and more….. to test my new superpower - leather.

Slowly I started to replace my fast fashion wardrobe with leather equivalents. I stopped buying cheap clothes every month and saved money to buy nice leather clothes only once in a while.

With a change in my wardrobe, my transformation could begin.

I needed to respond to the reactions of people around me. It forced me to change my habits and my behavior.

I was observed, sometimes approached, and even asked for my opinion or advice.

I was visible and I knew there is more to discover.

The power that leather gave me was thrilling. I wanted to have leather clothes for every occasion. I wanted not to be limited to mainstream leather pieces such as jackets or pants, but also tops, shirts, shorts, and accessories. Leather suited me well and I finally started to feel like myself.

By looking for new leather garments, a whole new world opened up to me. Shops that specialize in leather, artisans offering made-to-measure accessories, or even well-known brands having leather pieces I never noticed before.

With this discovery, I knew my life was about to change forever - for the better.

It felt like the moment several years ago when I decided to stop eating fast foods and start eating healthy.

I focused on what is good for me and got rid of toxic things in my life.

In which clothes do I have the most impact? How do I want to be seen and who I am?! Leather answered all these questions!

Leather can be addictive, in the best meaning of the word. Leather opens doors to a better version of ourselves. In leather, we have the power to create, to be ourselves, to connect, and help others.

Are you still hesitating about wearing leather?

Here are my arguments:

  • Leather connects people, unlike other fabrics.

  • It significantly reduces the usage of washing machines. ;)

  • I stopped buying cheap clothes in fast fashion shops which never stayed with me long due to their poor quality.

  • I valued the clothes I bought and treat them with care so they can serve others when I decide to replace them.

  • I started to be more aware! In general but mostly about the impact of clothes on people. Who is behind that outfit? What are they trying to say?

  • It helped me to develop my personality.

And thanks to leather I started to build a community around leather passion, and now you can read this blog! ;)

Are you still hesitating to wear leather more often?!

Do you like Power Of Leather blog?

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Apr 13, 2023

Wonderful story!


Gianni T.
Gianni T.
Dec 30, 2022

Good morning.

For me the skin has something more. Especially if worn elegantly by a woman. I gave my wife a brick-red leather dress that fits her perfectly and enhances her femininity. She doesn't go unnoticed and she doesn't always like this. Then the leather has its own unique scent that pervades me completely when I wear it (I have a leather t-shirt). A separate chapter for the boots that I have given to my queen over the years and that make her so unique in my eyes. So..... good skin everyone!


Dec 22, 2022
Reading these words and hearing them from the voice of whoever wrote them is something magical, the aesthetic effect of leather clothes is fascinating, what strikes me is seeing in the person wearing leather, an equally fascinating thought, the awareness that its image will be extraordinary, and therefore the communication that the mind of those who have chosen to wear leather is equally extraordinary!

Ben Wright
Ben Wright
Dec 21, 2022

It took me a while to start wearing leather myself. I’ve loved seeing ladies in leather for as long as I can remember but it was only in the last few years where I started buying and wearing leather jackets for myself, including this super cool one that I got for my birthday recently. I’ve contemplated getting a leather coat but not sure just yet. I still love seeing ladies in leather coats/jackets and it’s number one turn on. I even thought of getting a ladies coat just for my own personal enjoyment, even if I don’t dress like that normally. But I so agree that you can feel so much power in leather and I feel amazing every time…

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