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5 must-have leather boots

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

This October is abnormally hot. But don't get distracted and keep en eye on the target. Soon temperature will go down. Leaves will fall from trees and that will be a sign that boots season is about to come.

Well, it is me often saying that every season is boots season, it only depends on the type of boots and how open and warm they are.
Also, I like to say that wearing boots in summer makes people stand out.

And who doesn't want to stand out?!

Do you remember my summer boots pictures?

Let me remind you!

These beauties are from old Gucci collection and I have them for years.


Back to Autumn. For most people boots season starts in October.

So now is the perfect timing to give you some inspiration.


The best combo for autumn and winter are these boots from Maison Ernest.

I call them Two in One. In few seconds you transform ankle boots into knee high boots and vice versa. Nothing is more practical than that.

As a second option, I choose my new favourite over knee boots from Jimmy Choo. The quality of leather is just amazing. The heel is so comfortable that I can wear them all day long. On the top, thanks to their length, they remain powerful and sexy.

The third boots is Blade from Casadei. Iconic heel make them look dangerous and seductive. I wear them for special occasions as I don’t want to damage the heel. Perfect evening choice.

Fourth are Fernando Berlin boots. Beige overknee boots with perfect heel and colour for day use. With jeans, leather pants, or skirt. If you dare, take them in the office. Your colleagues will appreciate it.

The last pick are boots from Stuart Weitzman. This type of flat boots can’t be missing from anyone’s wardrobe. You can also go for knee high ridding boots, but I personally prefer this upgraded version. Timeless pieces of clothing that can be styled in many ways for different occasions.


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Wonderful post and pictures.


Great post. As someone who has always been an appreciator of women in leather, leather boots are part of the top 3 things that I love seeing a woman wear along with leather pants and skirt. I think a lady can make strong impression in a nice pair leather boots like she would in leather pants or skirt. The sight and sound of a lady walking around in high heel leather boots is absolutely captivating.

I live in a place that gets snowy winters. Over the years, I've seen how OTK leather boots (especially like the ones you're wearing in the last three pictures) are the winter foot wear of choice for some women here — I've witness how practical…

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