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First jacket

Well… I might disappoint you; I wasn’t a child when I got my first leather, despite having all the elements of a Leather Girl personality from a very young age.

Here’s a childhood memory. I remember my dad´s friend often wore a leather skirt. She was stylish and had an appreciation of fashion. She was also very dominant in all aspect of her life, in a very respectable way. You see, I remember this woman even after so many years. Her way of presenting herself to the world left a trace.

I discovered leather as something I wanted to wear myself not too long ago. I remember very well when everything started.

My boyfriend and I were on holiday in Italy. One day we went to Firenze and if you have ever been there you know it is a city full of small leather shops.

My boyfriend is from France, the country renowned for good taste, especially when it comes to fashion. Obviously, he already knew how leather can transform the person wearing it and the effect it can have. He said he is sure it would suit me and since I like to try new things, especially if they are local, I said why not. 😊

We entered one small shop with many jackets, and I choose one from the window display that caught my attention. You know the feeling when you try a new piece of clothing and immediately fall in love with it? Well… it wasn´t really that. Thanks to my broken self-confidence (leftover from a previous toxic relationships), I wasn´t sure if I looked good.

I wasn´t sure if I am worthy of wearing such a beautiful, powerful and what at that moment seemed like an expensive piece of clothing. I felt like I was pretending to be someone else. At the end, it was very empowering feeling, but it needed to be processed and understood and for this I needed much more time than the 20 minutes we spent in the shop.

My boyfriend assured me that I look beautiful and surly I was meant to wear leather. He liked what he saw. Not only what I looked like in the jacket, but he sensed a hidden power somewhere deep inside me waiting to be unleashed.

Being a real gentleman, he offered to pay for it.

Acquiring your first leather piece (not counting bags or wallets) is life changing, at least in my case it was. People notice something different about you. You feel that something has changed and if you are like me, curious and daring, you don’t stop with just one piece.

I realize now, after a few years of collecting leather how much it has changed my life, my point of view, my attitude, my way of thinking and my style. It has helped me understand myself and my past and has opened doors for my future.

For me it was a jacket, for you it can be anything. A piece of clothing, a moment, a person or all of the above. If you are open and ready to change, it comes. All you have to do is embrace it and let it help you. With time, you will understand why it arrived exactly at that moment and how much your life was changed since.

That´s the jacket <3

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1 Comment

May 30, 2023

With your kind permission, I would like to use this post for one of my scripts where I just want to show how someone gets attracted and encouraged to wear (genuine) leather. I shall cite from my conceptual notes where I asked that very question you have so beautifully answered and for which I am so thankful:

"The attraction of Jill cannot take place from nothing; it is about our should be about a transition from the state 'I did not feel particular affectation towards leather / Levi's' into a state of 'I feel an attraction towards leather / Levi's'. Even the events linked to History - we think now about the '40s - had always a core as base.…

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