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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Women have worn corsets for almost 400 years, because comfort was judged to be less important than social status, feminine beauty, and respectability. The corset was a status symbol, because it constrained the wearer's physical mobility, thus supposedly demonstrating that she could afford servants.


It brings me to the question, did men put women into corsets in order to restrain her in movement so they can serve her? Or was it really women who chose to suffer for beauty or status?

For me the corset is one of the most controversial pieces of clothing. The advantages are as obvious as the constraints yet there is something mysterious about corsets that keeps them coming back into fashion.

When I was twenty, graduating from high school, there was a traditional school prom where men needed to be dressed in smoking jackets and young ladies wore big long evening dresses. It was a beautiful event with a high level of etiquette where everyone danced all night long and one felt like they were in another age. Six months before the prom I started looking for a dress. I knew I wanted a big dress with a corset. Something that you can hardly wear to another occasion. A dress in which I would have difficulties moving and possibly need the hand of man to assist me during the evening. Even back then I expressed a desire to be treated like a Queen, but this is another topic. :) (read my previous post on being a lifestyle Queen).

I tried on many dresses but I couldn't find the right one, so I decided to abandon the idea of renting. I put together a few designs I found on the internet and brought them to a tailor and within a couple of weeks, the dress was ready. I could have chosen any dress, comfortable, without a corset…. Yet, I choose to suffer (despite not being a masochist). No man forced me to be in the corset. I decided for myself. I chose the dress that spoke to me.

I could hardly breathe in my dress at the ball, but I was happy. The top part was a corset, tightened well so that everything would stay in place. I didn't mind at all that I was restricted in my movement and that I hadn't really breathed all night. I was even content.

Only one small detail was missing….Awareness.

A dress won't make you Queen, your attitude does. And that’s where a corset can help.

And here comes the leather…

A few weeks ago, thanks to one of my fans, I discovered a brand that offers, among other things, leather corsets. And despite the fact that I have come across many corsets over the years, none of them interested me enough to buy one. Until now.

Today, when I already have almost everything in leather, I told myself a leather corset would be a nice complement to my wardrobe. So I got it.

It's unbelievable, the feeling of wearing a tightened corset…it is like an enabler. It gives you power to seduce or be seduced.

There is certainly no need to mention the fact that a well-fitted corset changes the shape of the body and makes it a bit sexier. The breasts puff up and the hips narrow.

Women knew this in Victorian times when the corset was used to correct body proportions. Also men used corsets, mainly made of leather, because it provided strength and durability.

It should also be noted that apart from practicality, the corset was associated with eroticism and fetishism. Depending on its style, people used it to emphasize their preference for domination or submission.

Over time, the corset was replaced by comfortable clothing such as bras and garters. Comfort over unnecessary suffering, but what if people like to suffer?


Why do people wear corsets today?

Why suffer in a corset when there are many other sexy and comfortable options to attract attention?

I wouldn't have been able to reply to this question a few months ago without my proper experience. Now I can share that wearing a leather corset is incomparable to any lingerie, even when it is made from leather. In lingerie people expose their body which makes them naturally vulnerable. ( which is perfectly fine if it is the desired feeling). While in a corset we hide our insecurities and highlight parts that make us confident. The Corset therefore makes us more powerful.

And because fashion is still spinning and things from the past are coming back as a new trend, even corsets are making their comeback. Their popularity is growing both in the fashion fields and in the BDSM communities.

Corset can make you incredibly weak or incredibly powerful. It is your choice on which side you want to be on.

In conclusion, there is no answer to why people like to suffer in a piece of clothing they can barely breathe in and that squeezes their organs. On the other hand this piece of clothing still gives more than takes. Therefore it makes it worth the suffering. Social status is expressed differently today, however in corsets you can still express what type of life and positioning you want to have within your circle. Just add a bit of awareness and the desired result will come. And as you already know from my blog, I set the rule that there is no male and female clothing, there is only clothing, and everyone can choose what they want to wear. So hooray for buying some nice corsets and suffering in it while being lifted up by this magical piece of clothing. But before you do… read what actresses say about it. "The Great" star Elle Fanning said that she had to "learn how to breathe differently" because of it.

Emma Stone said that her "organs shifted" after wearing a corset for "The Favourite.

Cara Delevingne's corset worn while filming Amazon Prime Video's "Carnival Row" made breathing and talking more difficult.

"I had to wear a corset every day, and you lose your voice," the model said in a 2019 cover story for Net-a-Porter.

She continued: "I wonder, in the past, did men just sit around thinking, 'What can we do? A muzzle? Is that a bit obvious? OK, we'll just wrap something around their waists so they can't breathe or speak.'"


Have you ever tried corset?

  • Yes and I loved the feeling

  • Yes, but I didn't feel very comfortable in it

  • Not yet, but I want to try it

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Jun 01, 2023

I find the corset a very seductive and feminine object, made of leather it has an even more seductive and fascinating impact that borders on the dominant, and the image above is a wonderful example of it ... I've never worn one, but I have helped my partner to put it on, when she wore it it was like helping her to seduce me, like giving herself into her hands, maybe it was my mind seeing this in the corset, but it was a very pleasant feeling!


May 30, 2023

After having read some of your posts, I finally manage to write comments ... this is not a lack of courage rather than a lack of energy because my work charges me quite much and your posts deserve full attention. Just as this one.

To the matter:

I miss a fourth option in your poll: "No, I do not want to try it" - why? Because it is not my style.

On the other hand, I quite agree with the following part:

"[...]I set the rule that there is no male and female clothing, there is only clothing, and everyone can choose what they want to wear."

And I consider this for five-pocket leather jeans in special. I collect leather…

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