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Lifestyle (Leather) Queen

The queen communicates from a place of confidence, assurance, and power. She knows what she wants, isn’t afraid to ask for what she needs, and is honest and direct. She takes responsibility for her feelings and is a great listener, too. Most importantly, a queen communicates from a place of love as much as possible.

I did it. I quit!

Suddenly the question of who you are, or what do you do, became the most difficult one. It was easy for years to say I am a sales manager. Easy to say, easy for people to understand. No mystery behind.

And now it is the time to challenge status quo. So here we go. 

I am an author. And as you can read right now, I am a blogger too.

But there is also something else, something I actually just figured out, something I could not put words on until recently...


Despite the term Lifestyle Queen might sound self-explanatory, it is good to know what it concretely means to be a Lifestyle Queen. 

Lifestyle queens are individuals who have established themselves as experts or influencers in a particular area of lifestyle, such as fashion, beauty, food, travel, or home decor. Here are some of the common characteristics of lifestyle queens:

Passion: Lifestyle queens are passionate about their niche and have a genuine interest in sharing their lifestyle with others.

Style and aesthetics: They have a strong sense of style and aesthetics, and are known for creating visually appealing content that showcases their unique and attractive lifestyle.

Authenticity: Lifestyle queens are genuine and authentic in their content and interactions with their audience. They don't pretend to be something they're not and are true to themselves and their beliefs.

Creative: They are creative and innovative in their content creation and marketing, constantly seeking new ways to engage with their audience and stand out in their niche.

Engaging: Lifestyle queens are engaging and have the ability to connect with their followers on a personal level. They respond to comments and messages, and actively engage with their community.

Knowledgeable: Lifestyle queens are knowledgeable in their niche and are seen as trusted sources of information and inspiration by their followers.

Consistent: They are consistent in their content creation and promotion, and have a strong work ethic. They understand the importance of staying organised and meeting deadlines to maintain their followers' trust and loyalty.

ChatGTP :-D

These are some of the common characteristics of lifestyle queens, but every individual is unique and may have unique qualities and strengths.


Are you wondering where I am heading to?

I am wondering what were your thoughts when you came across my Instagram profile for the first time!

Did the word Leather Queen popped up in your thoughts?

Like something so obvious that it can not be overseen?

I was asking myself many times…. Why so many people reach out to me on social network addressing me as a "Leather Queen"?

To understand fully where it came from I needed to go back in time…

When I was 8 years old my primary school organised a Christmas show on the occasion of 90 years of the establishment of the school. The show, where all classes had to perform, happened in the beautiful big hall of the national library in Prague, where everyone could fit in. Our class chose to perform Snow White and to make it fair, every kid drew a role. I picked up... a mirror.

The text was as easy as the role itself and I remember not being particularly excited about it (despite my normal enthusiasm for playing). During rehearsals, I stood behind the big mirror repeating my single line: "Snow White is the most beautiful of all"... or something like that. One day, when we were rehearsing, my classmate who played the evil queen didn't come to school, she was sick and when the teacher asked who could do her lines to replace her, I volunteered.

The role was somehow natural to me as if it was written for me. The teacher was thrilled with my performance and when my classmate came back, she offered to exchange roles permanently. My classmate was relieved and welcomed the change as she was not at all comfortable with the evil queen and struggled with the role.

And so I was officially queen for the first time in my life, and I enjoyed it!

I don't remember my feelings before the show, only that I was wearing a long black dress. But what I remember exactly are my feeling after the performance and the days afterward at school. Kids were turning around behind me, excitedly waving me across the hall, and teachers came up to me one by one to tell me how great and believable my performance was. Even my mom received praise from teachers...

And so began my acting career... Ok, well, not exactly. I have to say that being a queen was not so much a performance for me as it was my nature. And maybe that's why I didn't become an actress. Or maybe because my parents somehow forgot it could be an option (but that's another story). And so I had no choice but to go for it alone.

And here we are…. Many years passed since my first Queen role. Since then I experienced different roles in my life, mostly decided by others, and I played my part. Despite they certainly gave me a lot, the roles decided by others were not who I truly was.

I acknowledge that people have a tendency to put you in some boxes. Naturally, as they need to understand who you are and what is your value proposition in society.

If you don’t choose who you are, others will certainly do it for you. So better to do it by yourself!

So here it is, I am a Leather Queen… the role I choose because it corresponds to my values and my personality.

Queen is a kind, loving and caring person. She is self-confident and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. She is honest and take responsibility for her own matters and feelings. Queen is someone people look up to with respect and admiration.

She creates a place where you can share your secrets and talk about your desires. She is a symbol… she is the Queen.

I am happy I found my niche (leather). Or better to say the niche found me. :)

Suddenly everything makes sense and finally, I can say, this is me.

Today my aim is to develop a community. A place where everyone can be themselves. Where people can develop their skills, and find support and encouragement for their actions. A place providing a shelter and joy.

We live in 21st century and gone a long way from living in a cave, but our human needs haven’t changed. And as much as people need communities, they need their Queens. So don’t be afraid to become one or on the other side, to become someone supporting a Queen and be part of her Queendom.


Did you enjoy this article?

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Feet slave
Feet slave

Your more than a queen, you are a Goddess


Save The Date
Save The Date

Did I get you right that you took the brave step and quit your job to dedicate yourself completely and fully to your passion?


Unique Lifestyle Leather Queen! I wish you all the luck in the world...although I'm sure you will be very successful!



It is always a pleasure to read the words of Leather Queen D.e.n.i_C, the vision of her images inevitably fascinates and intrigues, but if in these very fast times, one has the patience and the luck to follow her, the Queen inevitably appears in all her splendour, curiosity and the pleasure of following her are born, she appears, like a Queen in balance between her actions and her thoughts, when it seems to have placed her in some category, she comes out of the fence surprising those who follow her, over time it becomes natural to belong to her kingdom, follow her with pleasure and try to contribute to the maintenance of her kingdom... I think all this is natural…

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