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  • Deni

Are boots and skirt made just for women?

Of course not!

In life, there are no “women's clothes” or “men's clothes.” There are just clothes. All they want is to be worn and it’s up to us to decide when and how we want to style them (even better if it is appropriate to the occasion.)

We are lucky to live in a time when creativity and uniqueness are appreciated by those who display it!


It was men who wore them first, as riding boots as well as heeled shoes. As I describe in post HEELS, they were designed for certain reasons, and only later did women start to wear them. Heels give better posture to the body and emphasize our personality and confidence. The effect is the same for both sexes!


Both men and women wore skirts made from leather in the cave. At that time it was very practical and easy to wear – understood by both sexes.

If it sounds like I'm repeating myself, indeed, I am. But why? Because I wish you all to express what you desire and go for it. I want you all to embrace your freedom to wear what you want without fear of being judged. No one has the right to judge you! And if someone does, it should be a red flag to you as you consider if this person should be part of your life.

Good people don’t judge, they support.

For me, it doesn't matter if men or women wear skirt, boots, dress or anything else. What matters is the energy the person generates.

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing someone wearing daring clothes with full confidence!

THIS is what I am a fan of! When someone stands out, not being afraid to be visible.

By standing out, by being different, you give something unique. You are not sheep in the crowd. You own it!

So the main question is… who do you consider yourself to be? Are you sheep? Are you comfortable with that? You might be and that’s totally ok! But If you are not, then change it!

We are all unique, everyone is original, and I believe that not expressing what is inside us is wasting potential and creativity. Every single person has something to show, to give, to express, to create… but not everyone dares to do that. Isn't it a pity?

And what about you? Do you dare to stand out?

Thank you Albert! @desymons