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Greek mythology 2/2 - Goddess, and how to talk to her.

Updated: Jun 26

In my previous post, I wrote about my favorite childhood book - Greek Mythology. (Go back to it if you haven’t read it yet) After embarking on an inner journey back to my childhood to delve into my memories, I discovered deeper connections with my life than I had initially anticipated. However, not surprising at all. Across social media, I often find a reference -  Goddess.  I have to admit that I never really liked this “naming” some people (men in particular) use to show their admiration. One part of me always found it “too much” and not ground to earth. And despite Goddesses living on the top of the mount Olympia, they were not necessarily always ground to earth. I guess that’s the point. Let’s be clear on who Goddess is: Referring to women as "goddesses" is often a way to express admiration for their beauty, strength, wisdom, or other admirable qualities. It's a term that highlights empowerment and reverence. It can also stem from the idea of embracing one's inner divine feminine energy.

In other words, a goddess is a woman whose great charm or beauty arouses adoration. and/or A goddess is a woman who owns and uses her superpower. In my view, there's nothing more attractive than someone who is self-aware and uses their influence to support those around them, whether it's by empowering others or by offering guidance, knowledge, and encouragement.


I believe that every person has their gift/superpower. In addition to that, women possess the power that can weaken men’s knees. Theoretically, all women are goddesses, but why are all men not on their knees then?

Being a goddess may sound like fun, but I see it as a responsibility. It's not an easy task to always be charming, show wisdom, and empower those around us. It takes a lot of energy, deliberation, and… time.

Women are not born goddesses, they become one.

What is the link with leather? You know already (from this blog I hope), that leather is a tool, with supernatural power. Sometimes only the fabric itself can weaken men’s knees. 

But more often it is a goddess that makes the power of leather effective. And like Zeus had his thunderbolt some goddesses have leather outfits. Be careful though, not every woman wearing leather is a goddess, and not all goddesses must wear leather to be empowered. 

Now, let's say that you identified Goddess. A smart, powerful woman with unique qualities that help others to grow.

You should pay extra attention to how you will talk to the goddess as it is easy to let yourself be carried away by her charm, intelligence, and power.

Let me help you with some hints; How to talk to goddess.

  1. Be ground to earth Yes, the Goddess is extraordinary, and she knows it. You should also know where your place is…. Down on Earth. Don’t promise what you can not deliver and do not vomit all your desires at once on her. She is not interested in things that you can not provide and even less in entertaining human beings…. She is there to be entertained.

  2. Know yourself first She made a great deal of work to be where she is. She needed to educate herself and polish her skills and power. Do the same before talking to her. Get to know yourself better. Who you are? What are your qualities and superpowers? The better you know yourselves, the better chances your introduction will have.

  3. Why do you want her attention? Before asking someone to read what you have to say, be sure it is worth someone’s time, and be ready to explain why you do it in the first place. Remember, time is the most valuable thing we all have… do not make the mistake to think that Goddess has unlimited time… she kept herself busy and she is very aware of this powerful notion of the time.

  4. Make a clear proposal What are your expectations? How can she help you? And mostly, how can you help and entertain her? And remember, goddesses like sacrifices. So before you even ask for her attention, be ready to sacrifice. The clearer your proposal is, and bigger the scarify is ( within the range of your abilities to make them happen), the bigger your chance is to succeed.

  5. Be humble Even if she decides not to give you her attention (usually because your proposal was not clear, or because your sacrifices weren’t interesting enough), be respectful. She has her reasons and rights to give it to whoever she wants. Your reaction to rejection (or not reaction) can speak louder about yourself than anything you said before.


Let me help you to get to know yourself better.

Book an Open Talk and give yourself a chance to succeed.

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You are a true Goddess 😘

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