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From the airport diary

Updated: Feb 12

Some people might say that I travel often. I have friends who always remind me where I was and when. Time flies fast and what happened last week feels like a month.

It then feels like a long time since I experienced something I find worth sharing. Because above all this blog is about my pleasure and satisfaction and hence I must be satisfied with every post I make.

Sitting in a plane on my way to Prague, feeling like what just happened to me in a lounge deserves to be shared.

So here is another story from my airport diary.


As usual I went to the lounge in advance.

I much prefer to be safely at the airport than waiting stressed at home.

Knowing that before Christmas, it’s always a mess to get to the airport, I ordered a taxi in advance. The trip lasted 1h 20min. The same time to fly from Paris to Prague.

Mom always said: “better to be 5 minutes early than 1 minute late”.

Two pieces of luggage, a handbag, and a dog, who is an even bigger lover of the airport than I am. He didn’t stop turning around, both me and my luggage. It made walking a challenge as I kept him on a leash.

Finally, we both made it safely to the lounge with 1.5-hours till the flight. I was well prepared with a book in my handbag.

Often I choose a place with good visibility so I can watch people. I have to admit though, that CDG airport is one of the few places where I do that. And especially when I have a something exquisite on me.


Before I went to the airport, I had lunch with a friend and for this occasion, I chose a killer outfit; long leather skirt, long-sleeved top, and leather ankle boots. Of course, I wore a leather coat and didn’t forget my watch, rings, and gloves.

I felt great. Empowered and very comfortable.

After lunch and before going to the airport I slightly adjusted my outfit for more convenient traveling version. I kept the top and changed skirt for pants and ankle boots for riding boots. The change made me even more comfortable without compromising my style.

I knew this was a wow outfit. And I was hoping someone would dare to compliment it. I dressed intending to attract and connect.

I found a perfect place to sit. I was taking off my coat when the man at the next table took off his headset to tell me that some people saw a mouse in the lounge so I should be careful about my dog.

I immediately thought, what a weird topic to start a conversation with, but I appreciated his concern for my dog. I asked him if he was allergic as I was about to tie Villie to the table next to his, and he said that he was not allergic but his wife was, and continued with stories about his dog sleeping in bed with him. I found it cute.

After discussing at some point he introduced himself and the discussion leaned towards our occupations.I can't share much about his work for the sake of the man's privacy, but I can say that when I shared what I do the conversation immediately took a different direction.

Little by little he started to open up to me. He was curious about leather and all aspects of it including psychological effects and why it is so attractive. He shared with me a few of his theories and I began sensing his interest in leather.

Slowly I tested him with a few trigger words like power and attraction and his reaction affirmed my knowledge and expertise.

Finally, he said he was very interested in getting to know more about leather and I shared that I am working on a second book that will help him to understand it all.

Part of his job is to test young people in economics and psychology and so he gave me some ideas for deeper research into different ethnic groups and also to focus on exploring unknown areas such as men who didn’t yet understand the power of leather.

Finally, he confessed to me that seeing me dressed in leather affected him; he was attracted but didn’t immediately know immediately why.

He said that in apite of the fact that I am not showing any skin, I am not dressed in a vulgar way. Nevertheless I captured his attention immediately. He thought it might be my large watch, then, he acknowledged and understood that being dressed head to toe in a classy leather chic outfit is much more powerful and captivating than anything else.

Dear E., you are welcome! It was a pleasure to help you understand.


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Feb 22

Lovely story. Going by photos, you have look incredibly captivating in your leather outfit — I can see why you'd capture someone's attention. A woman so well dressed in leather clothes is just irresistible. If it was me, I would have complimented you on your leather outfit right way...such nice leather outfit you have on would be a good conversation starter. As much as I'm usually a shy person, the allure and power of a woman in leather just suppress that shy feeling because I would love to know your story and motivation for dressing in leather clothes. You're story is the ideal scenario for how I'd love to meet a woman in leather. Just having that 1 on 1…


Jan 05

What a great demonstration of the Power of Leather! There is probably a lot of meaning in this situation in the airport: the hazards of encounters, the openness to the unknown and the discoveries that come with an invitation to travel, loss of the familiar landmarks of the everyday life, projection into a more united world, an invitation to travel in style, the proximity to business travel and a certain form of leadership and power.

All this creates the conditions for these beautiful encounters.

Bien à vous, JF

Jan 08
Replying to

Congratulations. In my view you found strong words and you have an unerring sense for the description of such a chance encounter. It shows the significance of self awareness and its potential to create amicable verbal and non verbal communication.


Can resonate with this post so much on many levels. I’m sure I’m not the only guy who would notice a lady in such beautiful leather in such a scenario but I spend hours if not days regretting not having the confidence to have paid a lady a compliment about her leathers when I have been in similar positions. The words such as power, exhilaration and obsession always spring to mind, and it’s how to approach a lady in a way that puts her at ease about both sharing those feelings 🖤

Jan 04
Replying to

I am completely able to relate to your comment. I think it is always an excellent opportunity to give a compliment to somebody if you are serious about it. Appreciation is a habit which needs to be promoted in these days, regardless of leathers. The kick is always: which reaction can I expect and what will be then my next step? How will I react to the reaction?

And I have to admit, this is in particular very exciting if the person in front of you is a lady in leather. I personally had two experiences in the last few months. First time there was a lady at the libraries counter. She wore extravagant leather pants when she had t…

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