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Women wearing men's watches

Updated: Feb 12

You might have noticed me wearing a men's watch. Have you asked yourself why I do that or what message I am trying to send by this?

One thing is clear, there is a message behind everything I wear, including accessories. So here is the story….

My first big watch Usually, for women, the first quality watches are gifted. This is because when a woman saves money, she invests in something else (like a home decor or a luxury handbag).

In contrast, men dream much more about watches, cars, or motorbikes.

Of course, all this may change as a result of the current tendency of breaking gender stereotypes and women's emancipation. I do not know any woman who has yet conquered this stereotype, however, I am sure they exist and there will be soon more and more.

Before I got a big (men's) watch, I owned a few watches. One of my boyfriends gave me Tommy Hilfiger watch for my 19 birthday. TH was HIS favorite brand and he was very proud to offer it to me. I liked the watch very much, yet it didn’t give me any special power. The watch was stolen two years after together with my luggage in Saint Tropez where I was with my friends. Another watch I got ( and still have) is gold with a pink dial from Michael Kors. I found it in my luggage when I opened it on my business trip to Hungary. I loved the surprise! This watch was shiny and thanks to the color combination it stood out, but apart from that, it didn’t make me feel special.

I remember looking at men's watches, finding them too heavy, too strong, daring, and masculine. I didn’t feel ready to give such a statement and step into the men's world. All my life I tried to fit in, and men's watches seemed to be too much for me at that time.

My opinion changed instantly when I found Longines hydroconquest under the Christmas tree. I put it on and felt the power. Like they would open a new world for me. From the moment the gentleman in the watch shop adjusted the watch strap to my size (and took off 6 links), I haven't taken it off my wrist. My previous concern about the watch being too heavy disappeared in a few seconds.

The watch added another dimension to my journey of gaining self-confidence.

Suddenly it wasn't just the leather pants and jacket anymore, but also something on my wrist saying you got this!


It made me wonder where their power comes from. What’s the story of the wristwatch? Was it originally for men or women?

I found an article explaining the history of wristwatches,

One piece of information that caught my attention was that… One of the earliest references to what we would perhaps now call a wristwatch, or at least an "arm watch" was the new year's gift received by Queen Elizabeth from Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, in 1571.

Queen Elizabeth receiving a "wristwatch" in 1571. From 1926 Gruen Guild advert

There is something cultural and traditional about a watch being a perfect gift for special occasions.

What is also interesting is that while wrist watch was part of woman’s accessory box, men started to use watches much later. First, they carried a pocket watch, as wrist watch was dedicated to women, and once they needed practical solutions in military actions they switched to more suitable solution. Watches have gone a long way until they reached their peak in terms of precision and quality we can find in them nowadays. Today watch is something that is accessible, practical, and can express style. But how did we come to the result that the big watch is for men and the small one for women? Does size define which gender the watch suppose to be? One thing you need to know about the watch is that size doesn’t matter.

Yet women wearing the big watch remains, in some countries, something considered breaking gender norms.

Why is that?

There are undeniable facts such as that a man's wrist is bigger so the watch should correspond to its size. As result, the watch is heavier therefore for some women uncomfortable to wear. I had this fear too and I can say that in the end, you will love the weight on your wrist. You will feel your watch and in return, they will provide you with self-confidence. I find it a fair price to pay. :)

I say don’t care what they think and treat yourself with an accessory that defines you!

Watches have long been considered a symbol of status and power, with men's watches often being larger and more ornate than women's. However, in recent years, more and more women have been choosing to wear men's watches, breaking away from traditional gender norms and embracing a bold, unisex style.

I shared my story but what do women try to say by wearing men's watches?

  • They know you are watching. The big watch on the small women's wrist is very eye-catching. She knows it and enjoys people noticing it.

  • She simply finds that men's watches offer more functionality and features, such as chronograph or diver's functions, which are not typically found on women's watches.

  • She chooses to wear men's watches because they offer a wider variety of styles and designs. While women's watches tend to be more delicate and feminine, men's watches come in a wide range of styles, from classic and traditional to modern and sporty. This allows women to find a watch that truly reflects their style and taste.

  • She enjoys the popularity of "gender-neutral" fashion, choosing to wear clothing and accessories that are not traditionally associated with their gender. This is particularly true for women, who may feel constrained by traditional gender roles and want to break away from these expectations. Wearing a men's watch can be seen as a way to express their individuality and break away from traditional gender norms.

  • She knows you like it and plays with your desires. Some men have a so-called "watch fetish," (A fetish for women wearing men's watches) also known as a subcategory of fetishism that involves a sexual attraction or fixation on women wearing men's watches. It is considered a niche fetish and some women like to tease men by wearing men's watches.

It is also important to add that some women choose to wear men's watches simply because they like the look of them. There is nothing inherently masculine or feminine about a watch, and ultimately the decision to wear one should be based on personal preference, rather than societal expectations.

In conclusion, women wearing men's watches is becoming more and more common. It could be for practicality, functionality, or to make a fashion statement. Watches are a personal choice and one should wear what they like, regardless of the gender it's traditionally associated with. So no matter if you are a woman or a man, don't hesitate to wear what you like, and create your unique style.

For me, the watch is an investment. Something that doesn't lose value, so I don't feel like the money is wasted (I hate wasting).

And then it's the story and especially the way they are obtained.

I have a different, unique relationship with each of them and every one of them has a different meaning for me.

Every morning, when I choose what I'm going to put on, I choose carefully, based on what they can provide me and what I need from them. Watches give me protection. Like leather, they became my armour, something which attracts and intimidates me at the same time. I am seen and considered as a strong/dominant woman and watches just enhance my power.

Apart from that, the time is a powerful thing and watches also remind me of its preciousness. Every day when I put them on I feel them ticking, saying the best time is NOW.


What is your experience? How does it make you feel seeing a woman with a big watch?


Did you enjoy this article?

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4 comentários

Dear Madame,

I have always admired women who wear a “man’s watch”. They immediately project an image of independence, freedom, strength, originality, daring, courage...

In all sincerity, I can't even imagine you with a "small" women's watch.

That would be like a counter message!

And , down with prejudice and machismo, the watches you own are no longer men's watches...

From the moment they adorn your delicate wrist, they simply become “the Leather Queen watches”


23 de jun. de 2023

Let's generalise this post a bit; the point of wearing men's watches is an interesting entry point for the following remarks. Namely am I very much believing that there is even no restriction on wearing men's clothes as a women. Jeans are (as far as I know) unisex in many cases (I wore the Levi's 501s of my sister at the beginning before they got too small for me). And for one of my scripts, I try to clothe three people - two women and a man - exactly the same way in black leather: leather shirt / five-pocket jeans / Schott Perfecto-style leather jacket / leather gloves / boots with flat heels (biker boots) / leather hat. I even…


05 de fev. de 2023

I have always noticed the beautiful D.e.n.i_C watch, and today I read her words with great pleasure, the fact that the watch has repeatedly attracted my attention, makes me smile, and brings to mind a similarity with another post, the over the knee boots! Somehow over time the way of perceiving certain objects has changed, I'm learning it here on the blog, and now the first thought when I admire D.e.n.i_C with that watch is: sure a woman who wears such a powerful watch must have a equally powerful personality, and thinking is very similar to that of the boots!

I also have to say that the aesthetic effect on D.e.n.i_C is very beautiful, she wears her watch with class…


05 de fev. de 2023

Thank you very much for sharing your men's watch experience. I am convinced that every strong addiction (like in our case, leather) has its smaller companions. I like to wear leatherclothes and accessories and love to see women that do that. But besides that, I have a thing for women's jewelry. The bigger and the more, the better. Collars galore, rings on every finger, silver and gold pieces on the ears, the wrists or even the nose - magnificent! Different to my leather love, I don't need to wear jewelry myself - with one exception: My watch. I wear an IWC DaVinci in Silver. It is the only watch with a perpetual calendar that not only indicates day, weekday and month, but…

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