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Updated: Oct 24

You might be familiar with Movember, or Locktober, but do you know Slowtober?

It is time to learn something new!

"Welcome to October, where we celebrate #slowtober, a call to help us move away from the habit of buying mass-produced items and instead repair things we care about." Leather Naturally

As a proud supporter of Leather Naturally, I am happy to participate in Slowtober and celebrate the legacy and long lasting qualities of leather.

What I like the most about leather is its longevity. I personally don’t own pieces that are decades old, but seeing how leather ages with grace in my own wardrobe, it encourages me to take care of its wellbeing.

For many years now, I can’t go to fast fashion shops and see how people treat clothing that was made under terrible conditions and traveled many miles to make it to the final customer.

It breaks my heart watching people who are not aware of the manufacturing processes and bad practices in the fast fashion industry or who simply decide to ignore them by letting clothes fall from the hanger, even stepping on them.

I understand why people buy cheap clothing. What bothers me is how they treat it. Just because it's cheap they behave like doesn't have value.


What personally helped me to be aware was the book Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas, where the production of fast fashion is well explained. After reading this, I promise you will look at clothing differently.


People who wear leather are people who DO CARE. These people are curious and like to go deeper in understanding their desires and values. They know where their clothing comes from. They know how it is to produce it and they are aware that by choosing leather they contribute to sustainable fashion. These people don't buy cheap clothing because they know it won't last long.

They buy better, they buy leather. Furthermore, buying leather is always special. It's often considered a luxury item, hence buying should be an enjoyable moment, because there is a story behind every outfit.

By buying or repairing leather I support artisans and designers who contribute to sustainable fashion. I support talent and creativity.

Having a strong value system, it comes as no surprise that I chose clothing that is the opposite of fast fashion.

Leather not only suits my personality, but it also corresponds to my values.

When something happens to my leather I always take it to the repair shop. Most of the time it is skirts that burst in at a seam. Once I had a terrible idea and danced the tango in my leather pants and in high sharp heels and tore part of my pants. I took them to the tailor and had them made into shorts.

Another time I created a long skirt. I wore it several times, and once I felt that it had enough of the spotlight, I turned the skirt into a dress.


Recycling is fun. Transforming a destroyed piece into something new stimulates my creativity and gives me a good feeling. Are you a fan of Slowtober?

You can participate by buying a book and educating yourself, repairing your leather clothes or simply by supporting artisans instead of buying fast fashion. Looking forward to hear how you support it.


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