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Skiing in leather

Updated: Mar 22

If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have probably said that wearing a leather outfit for skiing is not very practical.

However, now that I'm older and more experienced, and I've improved my skiing skills and gained more confidence, it may be time for me to reconsider that opinion.


My dad and I were waiting to meet his friends at the top of Kronplatz, where they ski every year during the Christmas holidays. Usually, we would go somewhere closer to Prague, such as Hintertux, Stubai, Solden, or Flachau. But, since we were assured by his friends about the excellent weather and snow conditions and because we like to explore new places, we decided to give it a try.

After a few minutes, we spotted Dad’s friends. Among them, there was a very stylish woman in a nice ski outfit. When the lady approached us, we greeted each other, and she immediately said, "I was looking for a lady in a leather outfit."

When I'm not wearing leather, people don't recognize me, and I don't feel like myself either.

So, it's probably time to upgrade my skiing gear.


I remember it like it would be yesterday. Four years ago I decided that my old snowboard pink outfit doesn’t correspond to my style or my personality anymore. And so I went to a ski shop in Harrachov looking for more suitable gear.

I looked at displayed clothing and asked salesmen if they had anything in leather. His facial expression showed that I surprised him with my request. But after a few seconds of thinking, he came with a black jacket with some stripes here and there that somehow from very far could potentially look like leather.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to meet all my requirements so I was ready to compromise. The jacket was very nice. Much better than the one I had before. I matched it with ski pants and left the shop fully equipped for the coming winter season.

I didn’t think about a full leather outfit for skiing because I didn’t know it existed.

Some things take time to be created and for you to be ready.

“I am ready,” I told myself a few months ago when I finally found it.

Ready to push the limits further. Ready to wear a full leather outfit for skiing! No more compromising!

My first thought was that someone from that brand must have seen my profile and noticed that I was missing a leather ski outfit. :)

My second thought was about functionality and practicality.

And my third thought was about the frequency of usage versus investment.

Also, it's good to know that:

1. Leather ski pants or even showsuit are protected but not fully waterproofed, so they are not suitable for heavy rainy or snowing weather.

2. I would also avoid winter play/ roll in the snow.

3. Conversely, it is suitable for skiing in good weather conditions.

4. It is perfect for an après-ski bar or walks in the snowy countryside.

5. Leather requires maintenance. In case of contact with water, it should be dried immediately. And, like all leather goods, it needs to be properly stored and maintained.


When the woman told me that she was looking for a lady in leather I somehow felt like I disappointed her. I also felt she was right. I should be in leather because this is now part of myself. Leather accompanies me everywhere I go in any form. Except for sports. But, why limit myself by putting all types of sports in one basket? Some activities allow me to wear leather. And thanks to leather showsuit I discovered new possibilities I wasn’t aware of before.

Snowboarding for example wouldn’t allow me to wear leather pants. Skiing on the other hand is a different story.


It will be hilarious to see people's reactions when they see me skiing in full leather gear. Additionally I'm going to take my après ski entrance to the next level.

Stop limiting yourself and wear what you feel good in!  Only then you can unleash your potential and fully enjoy whatever you do.

Find me on the slopes, I will be the one in a leather outfit!


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Hi Deni, where have you found and bought this crazy leather skiing suit ? I love it❤️


Jan 05

It's very hard to imagine you with the old snowboard pink outfit!

It is obvious that the leather outfit is your signature and illustrates your personality. Bien à vous, JF

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