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Long leather coat

I was walking down the street. It was about seven o'clock in the evening. My black leather heeled boots clicked on the sidewalk and the sound echoed down the street.

Normally I would have taken a taxi, but my destination was only one kilometer from my house, so why spend money on transport. And I like walking anyway.

I walked fast, as is my habit, but after a while I slowed down. There was no hurry, as I was perfectly on time. I put my phone in my hand bag and looked out at Paris as night slowly rose. People sitting outside on the terrasse, despite the weather being quite cold. Standing in front of the bar, drinking apéro, celebrating, having fun, enjoying the moment. And so I followed their example. Walking and enjoying the moment.

The atmosphere of Paris at night engulfed me every time I went out in the evening. City of lights and love.

I smiled at my thought. What a helpless romantic person I am.

A man came across the street. He was tall and quite handsome. He didn't meet my eyes, as his eyes were fixed on something else - my coat. He looked totally hypnotized.

He passed me and moved on. I sensed that my coat hadn't left him cold, so I turned around to make sure I wasn't mistaken.

The unknown man stood like a stone, looking at me.

Yes, I wasn't wrong.

I turned around and continued on my way.

Suddenly, I heard a stamping sound, like someone running after me.

He ran, and stopped in front of me, briefing fastly after the 50 meters he had to overcome to catch up with me.

“Good evening,

You know, I don't normally do this, but you caught my attention and I don't want to miss the opportunity. So I thought I'd ask, and here I am.”

"It's the coat, isn't it? "

“Yes, the coat really impressed me, but of course it's not just about it.”

"Of course it isn't. If you saw it in the shop window, you wouldn't run after it. "

“Absolutely not.

It totally knocked me out. I don't understand why.”

"I think I have the answer to your questions."

“Do you? Please tell me the secret of your black leather coat."

"You want to know why you are so attracted to it? What lies behind his power? And why did you notice me when there are so many people on the street with us?

Listen, I'll tell you..."


What's so exciting about a long leather coat? Is it its history?

In the beginning, leather jackets and coats were mainly used for practical purposes such as military uniforms, aviation and motorcycles. During the 1950s and 1960s, leather coats were adopted by the counterculture movement, including bikers and hippies, and the long leather coat was associated with rebelliousness and non-conformity.

Then it has been worn by various groups throughout history, including military personnel, rebels, bikers and actors, adding to its mystique and appeal.

In popular culture, the long leather coat is worn by characters such as vampires, detectives and superheroes.

In addition, the texture of the skin itself gives the coat a mysterious and interesting quality. Leather is a natural material that is strong, durable and versatile, but it also has a certain elegance and sophistication that has long been associated with mystery and intrigue.

Or do we like it because celebrities wear it?

Appart of Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix (1999), Wesley Snipes in Blade (1998) - wearing a long black leather coat as part of his vampire-hunting outfit, Christian Bale as Batman in Batman Begins (2005) - wearing a long black leather coat as part of his superhero outfit or Kate Beckinsale as Selene in Underworld (2003) - wearing a long black leather coat as part of her vampire-hunting outfit,

there are celebrities wearing leather coat casually, even outside of the movie scene.

Johnny Depp is known for his eclectic fashion sense, and he has often been seen wearing a long leather coat, whether on the red carpet or in his everyday life.

Angelina Jolie has been seen wearing a long black leather coat on several occasions, giving her an edgy and sophisticated look. So Emma Watson, wearing a long leather coat as part of her casual street style.

Rihanna is a style icon who has been seen wearing a long leather coat on several occasions, often paired with high heels and a bold lip.

Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid or Kim Kardashian are also big fans of leather coats.

Today, the long leather coat continues to be a fashion staple with different styles and designs to suit different preferences and occasions. It remains a symbol of rebellion, sophistication and style.


And what about its symbol of domination?

Another factor is the association of long leather coats with dominance coming from several cultural and historical factors.

One factor is the use of leather in military uniforms and other forms of authority such as police officers and bouncers. These individuals are often considered strong and dominant figures, and their leather uniforms can add to their imposing presence.

Another factor is the use of leather in BDSM culture, where it is often worn as a symbol of dominance or submission. Leather can add an element of fetishism and sexual power to this dynamic, further reinforcing its association with domination.


But why do we like to wear long leather coats?

Both men and women like to wear long leather coats. Yet for men there the sexy element behind might be more intriguing. Why?

Leather is often associated with masculinity and dominance, and a long leather coat can reinforce these perceptions.

Confidence booster: Wearing a long leather coat can give men/women confidence, making them feel more attractive and powerful.

Mystery and intrigue: a long leather coat can add an element of mystery and intrigue to the overall look, making it look more enticing and mysterious - sexy.

Symbol of rebellion: leather has long been associated with rebellion, so wearing a long leather coat can conjure up images of independence.

Fashion statement: A long leather coat can be a bold fashion statement that demonstrates a unique sense of style and individuality.


Me? My leather coats?

There's no one who would forget my long leather coat. Everywhere I go, people notice it. And whether they react visibly or not, I know they'll remember me.

Yet it took me several years to get one. Let's face it, a coat like that isn't exactly cheap. On the other hand, you can get it cheap if you buy it second hand.

I personally own two long coats, but I've had the opportunity to try on more.

Here are my picks:



Fantom design

In fact, there's always someone who compares me to Trinity or Selene. And why not... After all, they were the heroes who helped save the world.

It doesn't matter if your leather coat is black or colored, long or short. What matters is if you make the world a better place with it. If you're helping others with the power it fills you with.

Have you got any coats yet? If not, go get it! How will you save the world otherwise ;)


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Ben Wright
Ben Wright
Mar 26, 2023

Thank you so much for this blog. I’ve loved reading about your leather coats. For me it’s my no1 fetish. I have mentioned quite a few times to Deni on Instagram that the Fantom Design coat is one of the best coats I’ve ever seen and makes my day every time I see it. I’m sure I’ve annoyed Deni by keep mentioning it often. But it really is a big turn on for me. There is so many people on the internet that look so good in leather coats, either celebrities or fetish models. My favourites include Deni C (of course 😊) Leather Mandy, Fetish Liza, Lady Tasha, My Leather Fashion Diary, I could go on. So thank you for…


Wonderful post. The long leather coat is amongst the leather garments I've always loved seeing a lady wear — up there with leather pants and skirts. Most of my memories of meeting women wearing leather over the many years, were often women women wearing leather pants, skirts or full leather outfits. However, one of the most memorable moments was when I met a woman wearing a black leather long coat (with matching leather gloves).

It's interesting how these moments where encountering women wearing leather clothing are just etched in my memory. I would think it's because it's not super common to see women wearing leather clothing here, especially as casual/every day wear, thus that ones that do wear it, a…


Mar 15, 2023

I read the first part of the post with fun and pleasure, I perfectly imagined the frames of the story of those moments, fabulous, I perfectly understand the man who was mesmerized by DeniC's uniqueness, I remember after watching this video thinking, who knows what those who are lucky enough to meet DeniC think, and have thought what I would have done if I had met her, maybe the same thing as that man?

About a long leather coat worn by a glamorous woman like DeniC, in my thoughts this has a sense of mystery, charm and power, in its concealment it lets the imagination run wild and dream of the power of the woman who wraps herself in that…


Diego Telles
Diego Telles
Mar 15, 2023
A perfect, complete, profound, illuminating, philosophical and exciting text on long leather coat!

Unknown member
Mar 14, 2023

Dear DeniC this is best and Most super sexy and Most Wonderful Story ever. This is it why i love your Black Leather Coat Photos on your Instagram and i supporting you. You look with Black Leather Coat so super sexy and Wonderful. You are Wonderful Women and my biggest Respect on you makes Continue. I writing a Book and the female Character taken it on Black Leather Coat. This is my favourite Chapter all Times. This is it i love Ladies when taken it on Black Leather Coat. This is the biggest Since of the Love! Greeting from Austria.

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