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Leather gloves

Were you looking forward to the temperature finally dropping down so you can take out winter clothing you have stored for a while? Winter jacket, scarf, and what about gloves?

I feel like we skipped autumn this year in Paris. From t-shirt and light jacket we jumped into warm coat just within few days. 

As much as I love summer, this year I was particularly looking forward to winter, just to taking out my collection of leather gloves. 

My collection has grown, especially this year. I got one pair from my friends for my birthday (in July), one pair from my husband a few weeks ago, and two pairs from one of my followers in spring. I also brought two pairs from Florence as a souvenir this August. 

The truth is that I always took gloves more as a practical thing rather than a fashion item. 

And I have to say, without them my life wouldn’t be comfortable as I always suffer from cold on my fingers in particular. 

My mom never forgot to put pair of gloves in the pockets of my winter coat, when I was little. And my dad had always spare gloves under his jacket when we were skiing, changing for the one I wore every hour as they got wet and cold. 

Back to fashion….When I started to wear leather and later leather gloves, I understood they have a bigger and deeper mission than just keeping me warm, as an accessory they have their unspoken communication. 

Leather gloves attract attention and express style. 

I particularly like long leather gloves as their impact is thrilling. Putting them on and out is kind of a ritual and the audience never misses watching this moment. Being it in the restaurant, bar, or at the exhibition. When I take my time, pulling finger by finger and then taking them out slowly with elegance, people can’t help themselves but watch. 

And that’s the power of leather gloves. It is the movement, the way we put them on or take them out. They indicate the action which follows after the gloves are out. What is she going to do now?!

Do you find it fascinating when a woman takes out her leather gloves? 

What concerns the men, I can’t share how they feel about “glove ritual”. If you own some pairs, share your experience in comments. 

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