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Exhibition - Lady in leather

I decided to visit an exhibition showing paintings from a popular artist. Not many visitors to see - most likely too early, bad weather outside, other opportunities for spending the day free from work with relaxing activities.

I am practically alone in the large exhibition rooms with its high ceilings and white walls in staggered order. This allows the viewer to enjoy the paintings from an appropriate distance. It is very quiet - no rushing people, no shouting or crying children, in rare cases you hear someone's coughing or somebody whispering. I can completely focus on viewing the wonderful paintings in the first two exhibit rooms.

Suddenly the sound of heels walking at a leisurely pace dominates the background noise, constantly, rhythmically. It is most likely a lady, most likely in high heels, strolling through the exhibits. Everyone notices when the sound stops: she is viewing one of the exhibits. However some minutes later the seductive noise comes closer to me. As I’m viewing a painting that impresses me in room number 4, she enters. I turn my head and see a tall, slim, natural beauty. A woman my age with long silver hair, no visible tattoos or piercings, completely dressed in classy black leather. She wears an elegant long leather coat with a turned up collar, a black leather shirt under her coat, tight stretch leather pants and high heeled black leather boots. In her leather gloved hands, she holds the exhibition catalogue. She moves towards a painting in the middle of the room. After viewing it from a short distance, she walks back and sits down on the bench in front of the exhibit. All this happens in just a few seconds, but it’s enough time to observe her and to start my brain working, asking hundreds of questions and searching for answers.

I realise that I am losing focus. I’m not able to have a quiet view of the artwork anymore. What is the reason for my confusion? Is it the lady? Her leather clothing? Or the lady in leather clothing? Would I have the same reaction to a tall, slim, silver haired lady wearing jeans or work clothes instead of leather? What if the lady in leather had been less tall, less slim, with different hair? My conclusion: it is the combination - the attractive lady, even more attractive in leather - which is fascinating to me.

Turning back to the picture I am wondering what makes me so receptive to leather clothing. I compare it with the painting in front of me which is showing only a simple plain dark blue square made of lacquer. It is uncomplicated, it has a clear design, and does not require unnecessary gimmicks. From various perspectives it is shimmering and shining differently, it is cool, it is expressive, it creates the desire to touch it. These are exactly the attributes I like about leather. Clarity, strength, and power in combination with the ambivalent impression between elegance and seduction.

When I move to the next room the leather lady is still sitting on the bench, but for a second our gazes meet. Does she notice me? My internal struggle continues. I do not want to look away from the next painting, which is showing a younger blonde woman, dressed in red, sitting on the beach. But at the same time, I am still curious to see what the leather lady is doing next. I realise similarities in how I perceive the lady in red and the lady in black. In this moment, I can see only a certain detail of their life. Their body, their garment, the environment in which they are living just now. But what is their character, their attitude? What did the red lady experience just before the moment she was painted and what did the black lady experience as she entered the gallery? What are their thoughts, their desires, their interests? Did the red one like to be a model for a painting? What was her relationship with the artist? How was her self-esteem? And the black leather lady? What are her plans for today? Did she visit the exhibition alone? What was her expectation when she arrived at the exhibition hall? Is she deeply interested in fine arts or is the visit only for amusement? Does she have a clear attitude or strong opinion on various events of the day and on business affairs for example? Is she intelligent and smart? What could attract her? Why does she wear leather clothing this morning? Intentionally? To send a signal? To attract others? Because it is her passion? Because she likes to be admired? I am looking for answers.

Before I decided to see the paintings, I read a book in which the author tells what happened when he went to an exhibition. He was instructed to sit in front of a specific painting and to view it for four hours. He reported that after some minutes he became nervous and impatient because he was convinced that he had seen everything on the painting and did not know how to spend the remaining time. But after an hour his perspective suddenly changed. He discovered more and more details on the picture which he could not identify before, and finally he understood and appreciated the complete and full meaning, beauty, and value of this artwork. Understanding always requires time, attention, dedication and sympathy. This is valid for artworks and for human beings as well.

In the beginning it was my intention to move closer to the red lady and to get answers to my questions by behaving in a similar way (to view the painting not four hours but at least fifteen-minutes was my goal). But I also have a bunch of questions for the lady in black. To stand in front of her for fifteen minutes not to mention for four hours is of course not a realistic option. But in contrast to the lady in red she can reply to my questions by herself now. The only precondition is: I have to ask her.

To take a photo of her in an unobserved moment and to view it at home for several hours is also not a promising solution. I am quite realistic. A photo of a person you don't know is conveying only illusions, and the answers to the questions you have in mind are only your image of how you think she would reply.

I am very much convinced: I have to take the unique opportunity to approach the leather lady. But what would be a successful strategy? What may I expect? The only result I can expect at this moment is to be satisfied by having approached a lady who I want to meet. And a person who probably shares my passion for leather. There might be two outcomes: the more favourable one – we will start an interesting conversation which will be characterised by respect and appreciation for each other. Or the less favourable one – I will realise quickly that communication will be complicated and should be terminated immediately. Yet, both options are still more promising than the alternative of hesitation and inactivity. This would end up in deep regrets that I would have missed the unique chance to catch the attention of a lady completely dressed in black leather.

Let’s go! Again, plenty of questions are coming to my mind. Does the outfit fit the personality of the lady, and accentuate it even? Or is there a great divide between the extravagant outfit and an introverted character? How will she react to my first attempt to speak with her? Repellent, hesitating, shy? Is she arrogant and conceited, or rather self-confident and open-minded…someone who likes conversation? Does she have a specific idiom or even understands only a foreign language? What is the sound of her voice? High and croaking or rather pleasant?

How will she perceive me? At this moment I regret that I didn’t wear my tight blue leather pants or at least my fashionable blue leather biker jacket today. Perhaps she would like it and immediately be attracted. Perhaps her intention today is to meet like-minded people who share her leather passion. Or perhaps she likes to take the initiative by herself and select somebody to talk to? But should I really wait for her first move? Definitely not. At this moment I realise if I try to anticipate possible answers to all these questions before I take the first step, it will take the whole day. The gallery will close, and I will have missed my chance. I have no choice; I have to jump into the deep end and experience the feeling of maximum uncertainty.

But some very basic certainties are still in my mind when I move directly towards the classy woman in her outstanding outfit.

I am the owner and controller of my attitude and my behaviour in the upcoming hour. The character of the breath-taking lady is out of my control. The only thing I can do to get her undivided attention is to offer her my attention; approach her politely and respectfully.

Be self-confident but not selfish.

Be balanced and relaxed but not boring.

Be interested but not curious.

Be optimistic but not boastfully.

Be humorous without playing up.

And then I want to have a conversation at eye level, listening to each other carefully – not with the intention to reply immediately but with the willingness to understand and to learn more from each other. Talking in a comfortable atmosphere, rather about what we believe in, what we like, what we are interested in and not about our achievements, our knowledge and capabilities, about our possessions. What will be my first words? It should be something which allows us to come easily into a flow of conversation and to check quickly whether we are on good terms with each other. And I am pretty sure that if it succeeds accordingly, the conversation will turn to the topic of “leather passion” sooner or later, and it will be enjoyable and exciting.

Written by Blueleather

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Sep 12, 2023

One more place where I come up with the second component of the power, namely that from the personality resp. educational component.

Because I would not have attracted directly by that woman. Indeed, the full leather appear does attraction. But I am personally more attracted if the woman wears the leather jeans in 501 style, then, heels ... well, ok. Most people are fascinated by it, I not as much.

On the other hand, I would have searched her eyes and looked whether our souls are close. If they are not, no more than a superficial talk evolves, no matter how much courage is being taken. If they do, no courage is needed at all, everything goes by itself. And…


Aug 22, 2023

I read the story with pleasure, who was the lady in black leather, in my mind she was a fascinating, interesting, determined, intelligent woman, if she had carefully chosen that clothing she knew what the effect would be on those who admired her, what he would have liked to get her from his interlocutors, this is the mystery that fascinates me... maybe just attracting interesting people... who knows...

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