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The journey, not the arrival matters...

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Traveling. It’s something I honestly cannot live without. Something I always saved money for. Something that drives my curiosity, develops my personality, and enriches me with experiences and teaches me values.

For me, "to travel is to live." – Hans Christian Anderson

Time in the plane, is time for myself, without network I can get lost in my thoughts while looking out from the window. I usually listen a music which correspond to my often nostalgic mood. I love the feeling of the new adventure ahead of me and I always try to enjoy every moment of the journey...

The journey, not the arrival matters. – T. S. Eliot

Before the pandemic entered and affected our lives, I was traveling almost every week. Partially because traveling abroad is part of my job. Partially because I moved to Paris and regularly commuted to Prague. And partially because from time to time, I need to escape somewhere for the weekend to change my environment and get some fresh air.

Before I discovered the power of leather, my outfits for traveling leaned more towards comfort than flash. I was a girl you wouldn’t even notice unless you accidentally hit her while not watching your steps. After discovering the power of leather fashion, my wardrobe completely changed, and so did the impression I gave to people.

One of the biggest discovery of the power of leather was at the airport.

Where can you find such a concentration and diversity of people? People with all types of emotions and different stories. Taking a plane is not like taking a metro or train to go to work. Everyone has their own reason for traveling and I often find myself wondering where people are going and why. It can be figured out by looking at what they wear and regarding destination, I simply look at the screen above the gate where they are seated.

Well… I can only guess what people might think about me then… :-D. Especially wearing a full leather outfit.

When traveling for business during the week, I noticed that the mix of people at the airport is very different from holiday or weekend travellers. Families with small kids disappeared, and instead there were men in suits with laptops on their legs anytime they were seated - sometimes just pretending to work to feel busy and important! ;-)

What a difference this change makes…especially at the check-in counter. No thousands of liquids which were forgotten to be put in the plastic bag. No reminder to take off their belts or watches, and take out their laptops from the hand luggage.

(I have to say that generally I am a big fan of efficiency and really don´t like waiting)

“For me, the airport is a place where I feel the most alive.”

Sometimes I notice people staring at me. I can read curiosity or admiration in their eyes and often I can see the thought-bubble above their head, full of questions. And that´s what is thrilling!

While entering a gate, people who had been so focused on their work (or at least pretending) suddenly look up from their laptop to see who is coming. First, they look at my pants, then up to my jacket and finally my face. The most daring ones go even further and look at my eyes.

I need to say, despite the fact that most of the time I travelled alone, not many people had the courage to talk to me. But they kept watching me. Some of them secretly, like they would be ashamed. Some of them visibly, so they are sure I noticed. Some of them looked just once and then continued with their work.

In the end, business is business and it's important not to get distracted. :-)

On the other hand, if you are curious, maybe talking to this girl could give you answers you are looking for.

See you sometime at the airport!

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