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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I have always liked to write but have never been encouraged. I’m not blaming anyone, obviously. One needs to overcome a fear of failure to be able to achieve anything. And that´s how I begin...

My thoughts are not wiser than yours, but I have a feeling that some of you might find them interesting maybe even encouraging. In any case they are my own and you are free to draw your own conclusions. Isn’t it great?... Having the freedom to think what you like, believe in whatever you want and most importantly do what you wish.

One might think it’s obvious and we can all do whatever we wish. But not too long ago it wasn’t possible in my country. People couldn’t travel freely or buy basic things. Bananas were once considered precious and one had to queue hours to get a bunch. This became a typical Czech joke whenever you see a queue in Prague.

We have so many possibilities at our disposal today and we often take them for granted. We do not realize the power we have in being able to make our own decisions.

“People often give up their power by thinking they don’t have any. “- Alice Walker

The truth is we all have power and it’s our responsibility to use it. Don’t forget generations before ours fought hard for it.

With our power we can do good everyday by helping someone or just making someone happy. We all have the power to be good to others and to ourselves. People sometimes tend to forget that doing good applies to themselves too. This is what I believe:

Think about yourself first, because if you are happy you can make others happy too.

Freedom has given us an incredible opportunity to meet and connect with anyone and learn from each other. Freedom has also given us the power to decide what we want to wear or

write, with whom we want to spend our time and whom we want to help. Sometimes just a presence of someone can cheer us up. Sometimes nice words are the most powerful and a simple warm hug can make one feel loved. We have power, we have choices, we are free, and no one has a right to make decisions for us.

So, what’s the link between freedom and power? Well... there is no link. Freedom is power. Use it! Enjoy it! It’s all yours!

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Feb 10, 2023

Several years ago I read a novel by Antonio Tabucchi, the title is "Sostiene Pereira" the book tells the story of a quiet man in Lisbon in 1938, during the period of the Portuguese dictatorship, the protagonist finds within himself the strength to seek freedom, to escape from his daily life and to breathe freedom and life again, and I remember a sentence from the book that said - when you meet a Person in the crowd, follow her - D.e.n.i_C is a Person in the crowd, and following her is a sweet journey of freedom...


Jan 11, 2021

Wow, what an article! I agree with you in every point, beautifully said 👏thank you for your inspiration and wise words. Hope you are enjoying your Freedom ✌️ lookig forward to reading another story!

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