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Power Of Leather BOOK

There are few books about leather on the market but I’ve never found one explaining how powerful and life-changing leather can be.
So I created my own testimony about the Power Of Leather, with exclusive pictures that will take you into my world.

Two years ago I was playing with an idea to share my story, as I believe everyone has a story to share…and I am grateful I found the way to share mine.

One evening in January 2021, I was sitting on my couch and I started to write. In three days I had 50 pages. During these three days, I experienced every possible emotional state of mind. It was like living all of it again. It was like therapy, so liberating…

Still, writing a book seemed like a big project, so I started with a simple blog. I felt it might be easier, knowing that everything I learn will serve me later for the book anyway.

In March 2022 I met a fan who contacted me via Instagram and the idea of the book was suddenly on the table again. I felt it was the right time and I immediately started to put things together. Suddenly everything made sense.

The idea was to make a “coffee table book”. Something closer to a piece of art than a novel. A book with pictures that reflects my life and brings the reader into my story.

With very little knowledge about how to create a book, but with a big dose of enthusiasm, I assembled a team (mostly friends) who helped me to make it happen. (Big thanks to them <3)

I made a few mistakes during the process and probably disappointed a few people, as things didn’t go as expected. And I learned a lot.

One of my main learnings is that things often don’t go as planned when you are in a creative process.

Seven months of constant thinking…learning…creating…changing…connecting…

I must admit that I really enjoyed the process and I knew it is something I had to accomplish to move forward in my life.

My hope is that this book is not a final destination but rather a beginning.

I created this book for you! To help you to understand, to accept, to use the Power Of Leather as a tool to make your life happier, to make yourself more powerful.

If you are reading this to the end it means you want to know… so do not hesitate to order the book and enjoy it!

And don’t forget to share your thoughts with me. I look forward to hearing from you! 


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Mar 24, 2023

Finally I was able to read this splendid book, wonderful images and exciting stories, I am sure I will read it several times, a bit like you do with a movie that makes the soul vibrate ...


Feb 20, 2023

I bought the book last week and reviewed over the weekend. A fantastic concept, extremely aesthetic making, breathtaking photos of a super elegant and self confident lady and inspiring stories. I am blown away. DeniC is a real ambassador for wearing leather apparel. Thank you for sharing your passion with us


Jan 27, 2023

The birth of the book is a magnificent story, the transformation of a thought into something that remains and that can be an inspiration for others, and writing something of one's own story is a bit like reading in the hidden drawers of the soul. I'm sure this will be just the beginning of a creative D.e.n.i_C that will be able to range from the visual arts to the literary ones, perhaps guided by her living in leather clothes, but perhaps even more inspired by her intelligence and soul, congratulations!


Oct 30, 2022

Fantastic words about the power of leather. Although I still don't understand why men who like leather are not seen with the same elegance as women. When is this unfair view going to change?

Oct 31, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for your words, I will remain true to my convictions.


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