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Never say never…

You know from my introduction that I am Czech. So how did I come to be in Paris, speaking French, when I never liked the country and mostly people and the language.

I decided to study Spanish as a second language (after English of course) in high school. There was French too, but there was no way I would ever choose such a difficult language, and one that, for me that time, was not very pretty. Spanish seemed to be easier (oh, how I was wrong!) and despite a teacher who didn’t like me much, I found it very cool and by the 4th year I graduated in Spanish with knowledge to speak fluently.

And that's where Spanish started and ended. One year later, without using it, it simply disappeared. Yes, what a pity. I was so focused and determined to improve my English that my brain somehow made a space for English by deleting Spanish.

So when it came time to choose another language to learn, I was sure it would be Italian. I love Italy, not only because my first leather jacket comes from Firenze (read story My first jacket) but also because I love Italian food, and especially weather. It must be Italian then!

So how did I end up with French?

Once upon a time there were two people who were meant to meet. Destiny brought them together because they had so much to give each other. He helped her and she saved him.

Well... I leave this love story for another time :-D

"HE" was French and among several languages he spoke Italian too. Great! I will have someone to practice with.

So how did I end up with French?

If you know French, you probably know that there is nothing better than everything that has been created in France, including the language. Simply, why would you learn Italian when you can learn the best language ever – French.

So how did I end up with French?

Because I said “never” to it when I was in high school. Because I was so convinced that I would never learn it, that I would never need it.

“Never say never, life has always a funny way of proving you wrong.”

I gave French a chance, admitting that it really could be an opportunity while having someone who comes from France knowing the culture, and French habitants who proved to be quite special to someone coming from, as the French would say, an eastern country.

(I would prefer “The Heart of Europe.”)

My experience with learning languages is that for most people, except teachers and people who enjoy working with kids, it is not a real pleasure to talk with a beginner or explain over and over what everything means. No matter how much they love you, for the first two years they suffer! :-D

"Take a chance because you never know how perfect something might turn out."

Thanks to my basic knowledge of French I was able to survive in Paris when we moved there more than one year ago. Not only that, I am now able to enjoy it with all its charm and beauty.

Learning French taught me patience. Thanks to it I understand why we hate the French so much and yet we find French language charming and attractive. It taught me that one word can have hundreds of meanings, and one needs to follow the discussion to be able to understand. Last but not least that style is a matter of self-confidence and that classy doesn’t mean being shiny.

The whole process of learning completely changed my perception of the way of living.

I am sure that many languages have the same impact, but I can assure you - once you start having 3-course dinners, drinking wine/champagne even at lunch, eating fresh French baguettes, recognizing at least 5 cheeses (out of more than 1000) or just walking next to super trendy French shops with clothes, there is no going back to what you were drinking, eating or wearing before.

I don’t believe that the universe gives you what you ask for or you think you need. I believe it brings you opportunities. Sometimes, by it’s weird judgment, it gives you what you need to develop and move forward.

Remember, the most difficult road leads to the most beautiful destinations.

What about you.... loving or hating Paris/France/French?

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1 Comment

Jan 21, 2023

France, Paris, the "Ville Lumiere" I have been to Paris sometimes, sometimes to the south of France, I like the love of the French for their country, I write from Italy and this love is not so widespread for I envy this quality of the French a little, sometimes the same exasperated quality becomes annoying and boring, but how can you not love Paris, it is pure harmony, light and charm, a ride on a boat along the Seine in the evening is enough to fall in love ... and history, the modern era was born in Paris, the Revolution, Napoleon, they love and hate each other at the same time ... I hope to return to Paris soon, I…

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