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Look good...feel great!

Today I woke up late. I had a video meeting scheduled with one of my business partners at 10am, but I was still in bed when the clock said 9am. I ran to brush my teeth, do my hair (damn I should have washed it yesterday) and grab some fruit for breakfast.

Normally I would do a video call from home, but today I promised to show up at work.

In these weird times it becomes rare to go to the office and meet my team in person.

How I miss them, while being in Paris. Sometime it´s tough to be at home office all the time!

Generally the most difficult morning question to be answered is what to wear. When I was young my mom prepared clothes for me. Every evening she decided what I would wear the day after. What an easy life, when someone decides for you. When someone decides how you should feel, what message you should give to the world, and how successful your day will be.

Jeans or leather leggings? T-shirt with long sleeves or without? Leather jacket or sweater? Being in a hurry, I quickly grabbed what was on the top of the shelf - blue jeans, a sleeveless leather top, a leather jacket, and leather coat on top (not forgetting the watch and earnings - I can’t ever leave without them!) I felt casual and comfy, with a little touch of power provided by the leather top and jacket. Exactly what I needed today!

A quick check in the mirror confirmed that I look appropriate for going to the office. Someone could consider leather top as too much, but I don´t care. Even when it looks like a very ordinary day, one can never know…

“Every day has the potential to be the greatest day in your life.”

I have to say that despite working in the sports industry I rarely wear sports attire at work.

My work doesn't require a particular outfit, so I can wear what I want and find suitable for the occasion. In other words, I dress for myself.

While driving to the office, singing loudly with my favourite songs, I think about what I want my day to look like, acknowledging that by choosing a leather top and jacket, I already did a big part of work.

What I wear significantly affects my day. There are always two ways - either I let my mood define my clothes (and therefore my whole day) or what usually happens...I deliberately choose the clothes based on how I want my day to be, which mood I want to have, and what I want to achieve.

Scientists say that brightly coloured cheerful clothes can boost our mood since they are associated with happiness. On the other hand deep and dull colours signify low energy.

I am living proof that exceptions prove the rule. I find myself not only being happier in black, grey or white, but I am far more energized by the sun than the yellow on my t-shirt. And I don't feel any guilt about it.

It is true that some clothes have more power than the others. Pink dress with yellow butterflies can give a very different impression than a black leather dress. Even while I’m comfortable with what I wear, I never forget that people evaluate me based on my choice.

Not only other people, I evaluate myself and my role based on what I am wearing at a particular time because of the way it makes me feel.

"The clothes we wear affect our behaviour, attitudes, personality, mood, confidence, and even the way we interact with others."

Wearing power-clothing makes me feel more confident and even increases hormones needed for displaying my power. This in turn helps me become a better negotiator and abstract thinker. Being in control helps me to reach my targets and also allows me to care about the others.

While being at work, having particular clothes can create expectations about how people should behave. For example wearing uniforms or lab coats make people more conscious of their duties or encourage people to pay more attention, therefore make fewer mistakes.

My profession requires attributes which leather can easily give. Above that, by choosing leather from my wardrobe, I send many messages - Don't mess with me! I do care (about myself AND about you!) I also choose to be visible so people cannot ignore me! I choose to feel classy anytime and anywhere, to stand out. I choose to influence others in a positive way, and be a source of inspiration. I choose to enjoy that people are happy in my presence, not because I wear leather, but because of the person I am when I do so.

“You will never have this day again, so make it count.”

Despite being in a hurry in the morning and not having the best hair day…. (another quite crucial element for feeling god), my clothes did the job and made my day.

Sometimes how you feel upon waking can affect your choice of outfit. However it should be you who defines the person you want to be that day and not let your mood decide for you. Not having enough sleep or being a bit down because of the Covid situation? Well… I’m not saying clothes will fix everything. However it can give you the courage to do something good for you or for others. It is worth considering that even if others don't see how good you look (or only your shirt on the camera), you still get certain benefits from dressing up.

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamourous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing." Alexander Wang

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Your post "Looking good, feeling great" is very illuminating. Especially this quote: "I choose to enjoy that people are happy in my presence, not because I wear leather, but because of the person I am when I do so". That is so astute. Whatever your wear reflects a choice you've made that day, even when in a hurry. But when you consciously choose to wear leather, you're setting out to communicate powerfully with those you'll meet. I often think that one of the most powerful messages a woman can send is if she chooses to wear leather on a hot day, or if she decides to wear her leather jacket indoors even when everyone else has removed their coats and…

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