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Do you see?

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

“It is not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

People often look at something or someone. But do they really see through?

They look at me because I look different. Maybe original, maybe dangerous, sometime weird, maybe sexy, often classy 😉 You name it. But the real question is: what do they see?

Do they really see ME? Do they see what’s behind my leather outfit? Do they see the partnership I developed with my leather clothes?

They look at the style

In one interview Paul Smith talk about style:

“Don’t put things together as you see it in magazine. Put things together the way it suits your character. Put it in your way, not in the way designers put it together.”

What people perceive when they look at me, they won’t find anywhere else. It is not in the magazines, and they can’t find it in a shop either. It is me putting things together the way I want.

This is what attracts attention. Uniqueness.

You don’t need to be an artist to create your own style. You don’t need to be a stylist to put things together. You don’t need to be a model to be good looking. What you need it to find what will enhance your character.

Character defines your attitude and attitude defines everything else, including your very own style which actually reflects your personality.

Are they trying to understand?

Why is she wearing so much leather clothes? What is this kind of relationship she developed with leather?

No matter if you know it or not, I will tell you.

I try to inspire by being my true self. I can see that showing my character (which took me a while to develop) and style (which goes hand in hand with my character) can have a positive impact on people and it simply brings me pleasure and satisfaction.

I like leather clothes, but even more, leather clothes like me. It’s a partnership between my character and the natural power that leather provides. Leather gives me only when I give to it. Leather won’t give you what you expect for nothing. You need to make the effort to wear it with confidence by being honest with yourself and with others. Only then both parties can benefit from the partnership.

Leather deserves to be taken care of. So do I.

Leather can stay and be loyal with you for life time. So can I.

Leather is soft yet strong. So am I.

Do you see all this?

You read my blog…. so you like leather! But what kind of partnership do you have with it?

Write me…

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My relationship with leather is very deep and meaningful. When it actually started is hard to say. However a significant element of my love and attraction to leather can be dated to my 13th birthday. I saw a leather miniskirt in a local boutique. It just screamed "wear me". I pestered my parents for it. My father was adamant I was too young for such a garment. My mother was more accommodating and understanding and more emollient in my having it for my birthday.

I kept looking at it in the shop window and eventually plucked up the courage to ask to try it on.. I remember the tension and excitement of and frisson of naughtiness as I entered the…


The partnership between leather and me started quite early. With the age at around 6 the passion started with a simple brown leather couch. The smell and the feel attracted me in a way that was very unique and the start of a journey that never ended.

More and more pieces of leather crossed my way since then and the interest and passion raised year after year.

Leather gravitates me even in my everyday life. Rather it was a woman in a leather jacket, a nice leather couch or just a leather covered gymnastic apparatus. I was kind of addicted to it and still am.

Is this kind of a partnership between leather and me? Probably yes, a deep one.…

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