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About Power Of Leather

Power Of Leather is a community brand developing by needs of its members.
It is blog.

Title of the book.

Community of like minded people.

And above all, it is a lifestyle.

Power Of Leather helps to discover, understand, accept and practice.

It started as a blog and developed into brand, connecting two worlds. Converging who we are deeply inside with what we show to the world. 


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About D.e.n.i_C

Born and raised in Prague. I had a complicated childhood with a struggle to understand where I belong. This led to dating abusive men. I escaped for some time to another side of the world and came back broken with strong desire to rebuild myself.

I decided not to be what happened to me and I turned my experiences into strength to become the best version of myself, with the help of leather fashion. 

Currently living in Paris. I have a full time job while maintaining several social accounts and of course this website to share my experience and passion.

Do not try to position me somewhere. I don't fit in one box and I don't want to. I can only say I am somewhere between what you know and what would you like to know.

I am a very sharing person and I am happy to talk to people who have an interest in leather. I can help you to understand where the attraction to this incredible material comes from and how to work with the associated feelings.

Want to know more?…. Buy Power Of Leather book, contact me via OPEN TALK or subscribe to my Patreon.

I will be happy to see you being part of Power Of Leather community. 


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