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Where do you fit in?

As my loyal follower, surely you remember my previous post on The power of leather, where I wrote about different types of people and their approach to leather.

Now I would like to look at these groups a bit more carefully:

1. You are attracted to leather. You know it and you are happy to share your passion with others.

I would say this is the best situation. You understand it, you accept it, and now you can enjoy it! And even better - you share your passion with others, which can help them to understand and accept it too! And then they will be able to enjoy it as well.

2. You are attracted to leather, you know it, but you are shy and don’t share this with others.

You’re already halfway there! You discovered it, and you understand its power. The fact you don't share it is simply the fear of not being accepted, or that someone will find your attraction to a physical object weird.

I can assure you that it is not weird at all. If, tomorrow, everyone would share what object or non-sexual body parts they are attracted to, you would see that you are not the only one.

Sharing in general helps to reduce the frustration of hiding and at the same time, by sharing you help others understand their attractions too. What a beautiful chain of help!

I always encourage people to accept themselves for who they are and share what they like, feel, or desire. I don't know anyone who can read minds, so if you don’t speak, people don't know. And who can make you happy and satisfied if they don't know…

I know from many of you that you’ve tried to share but it wasn't received in a good way. That might indeed happen, as there is always risk involved with sharing sensitive information,no matter the topic. But if you don't try, you will never know, and you’ll be living in fear that one day someone might discover what you are trying to hide.

In any case, you can learn many things in the reaction of others. What does it say about the person who thinks this way?

3. You feel something towards leather, but you are not there yet and haven’t fully discovered what it is that draws you to it.

For me this is the cutest pre-phrase of understanding leather attraction. Sometimes you are nervous when someone in leather approaches you. If you are a man, and women in a leather skirt or pants come closer to you, you start can not look in her eyes, and eventually you start stuttering. How cute! You also find yourself following girls wearing leather on social networks without even knowing why exactly you follow them.

In order to discover where your feelings come from and what to do with them, you need to keep exploring. Meeting people and talk about it, searching on the internet or reading some books can help you.

4. You deny your attraction to leather in order to protect yourself from the power it may have over you.

I experience this behaviour as a typical macho approach. You think that you are powerful and you don’t accept that something might have power over you. I can say that denying never helped anyone.

We are most powerful when we accept to be vulnerable, when we accept ourselves for who we are, with all our strengths and particularly our weaknesses. It's human and natural to have weaknesses, and being aware helps us to manage them in our favour.

So, don't fight the attraction. Let yourself be vulnerable and enjoy that for once you are not in the position of power. It can feel very relaxing.

5. You are simply too busy to think about anything like this.

What are you doing on my blog then?

So, in which group you find yourself to be and what is your experience with leather attraction...

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4 comentarios

Nick W
Nick W
27 nov 2023

I think 2nd group although I have been out in leather trousers tentatively but wear lots of leather jackets/overshirts. The time I wore leather trousers I was so nervous and had to go to another country to get the confidence.

Me gusta

I am definitely in the 2nd group. Agreed, leather looks best on women but so does all other clothing… (Well, maybe not business suits😉)

Growing up in the 80’s I admired boys (and girls of course!) wearing lots of leather and pointy western boots. It took me 30 yrs. to build up the nerve to start wearing leather and boots myself, what a waste of valuable time while I was still relatively young.

It’s still nerve wrecking 😥 to go out in a pair of leather pants but it just makes me feel so good about myself that on occasion I indulge myself. 🙄

Me gusta

Group 1 - have several leatherpants and wearing them on a daily basis - I know people might look, because I am a man and its not typical for men in a way

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
19 feb 2021

Groupe 2

Compliqué pour un homme d'affirmer sa passion pour le cuir

Malgré tout je possède un pantalon en cuir et quelques blouson

Me gusta
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