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Jacket / Skirt / Pants

"It’s strange that there’s such a difference between wearing a leather jacket and pants.

I mean, it’s basically the same except you wrap your bottom instead of your upper part in it!

Also for a lot of women a leather skirt is easier to wear than pants. Why is that?"

The advantages of leather jackets are pretty clear, so it’s no surprise they’re a popular thing. They offer a classic style. Most fashion items disappear as fast as they come, but leather jackets hold steady. They’ve been around for more than a century, and unlike other coats and jackets, they’ve only become more popular since then.

What makes leather jackets popular and easier to wear?

The truth is that a jacket is rarely the first layer. A leather jacket doesn’t disclose the intimacy of your body shape; actually it covers more than it reveals. Therefore, for most people it is easy to wear. No matter how you feel about your body, a leather jacket provides you enough confidence while not attracting much attention. Apart from that, they have become so mainstream that everyone has one and they have become a "must have" item!

Also for a lot of women a leather skirt is easier to wear than pants. Why is that?

To understand why a leather skirt is easier to wear, we need to look back in time when men and women wore the same animal skins, not to look good but to keep warm at night. At that time people wore skirts as the simplest way to cover the lower body, and men and women continued to wear them for centuries since they were the most comfortable, easy to make, and easy to wear.

With the discovery of pants, women stuck to the comfortable skirt and men switched to pants.

We’re not sure when this shift took place and who decided it, but skirts started to be very feminine while pants belonged to men. By the middle of the 20th century, male skirts had completely vanished (except in some cultures which kept the traditional way of clothing until today).

Quite recently skirts began to be slowly adopted by men once again as an extension of their regular clothing. Prompted by international fashion weeks and award ceremonies, the idea seems to be that men who wear skirts make bold statements which also give them attention in the media. What a change! :)

In any case, no matter how we look at it, there are still certain things which give power to women just because they are considered a masculine - like pants, for example.

And then there is leather, a material which has its own power for what it gives and what it represents. Now combine these two powers together and you understand why it might be difficult for some women to wear leather pants.

“The key with wearing leather pants is to feel good about wearing them; otherwise, the pants wear you.”

Leather can not pretend! It attracts too much attention and everyone can spot if the person feels comfortable and self-confident. Simply, leather pants make you visible no matter what!

Women wearing leather pants can look very attractive when they feel confident about their choice. So be sure that you are ready to shine!

"Women who wear leather pants tend to make statements–whether they intend to or not."

Not everyone enjoys being in the spotlight and being the subject of curiosity. Me, honestly I enjoy it, and I do wear leather every day, but it took me some time to get where I am now. Rome wasn’t built in one day....

Wearing pants in general gives a sense of masculinity, and leather enhances their power. It's daring, sexy, powerful and for those who accept themselves as they are it can bring a real pleasure and joy of self-confidence.

So put on your leather pants and show that you have balls! :)

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May 30, 2023

For me, I

- like to wear and

- like to see most

the five pocket leather jeans everyone used to wear back in the '90s. No comparison to nowaday's fast fashion leather jeans which are not by far as durable as the genuine ones. Moreover, girls and boys back then looked sexy AND casual in leather jeans. Odd enough that I like most those leather jeans coming from the biker scene ...

And - yes - should I have time to attend one of your meetings, I shall come in leather jeans of course!


Paul Evans
Paul Evans
Nov 21, 2022

Unsurprisingly I find the same thing as a guy. Leather jacket draws very little attention (in fact not as much as I would like). Leather trousers are noticed a lot more. I like that. But I do find picking the situation is key to being comfortable and confident. I work in an office, so from a practical point of view I could wear leather trousers there. But I would definitely be the only guy doing so! I guess someone has to go first 😃


Hi Deni, thanks for quoting me.😁

Your post is spot on again. I would like to add that the arrival of faux leather has also given a lot of women the 'courage' to start wearing it. It's like these women are saying: "Yeah, but's it's not real leather, everybody is wearing these leggings nowadays."😊

In my town I even see strictly religious women wearing faux leather skirts going to church on Sundays. And their sometimes very young daughters too, which is questionable to me sometimes. There is a min. age for wearing shiny clothes IMO.

I came across a young women one time who was wearing a pair of very shiny latex/vinyl like leggings. You have to be brave to…


I really appreciate your thoughts here Deni. I think you are so right on about people viewing pants as way different thank jackets when they are essentially doing the same thing on a different part of the body. I think you look amazing in both skirts and pants. Do you have certain situations where you prefer one over the other?

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