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Leather to sell

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Hey Leather Community,

i have a little special request. Does anyone know if there are curtains available made of leather. Was not able to find proper products online. Size would be like 1 m x 80 cm.

Thanks and br

  • Deni

    Ladies Harley Davidson leather trousers. UK10/12. Mint condition unworn. More images available.

    Part of my wifes extensive leather collection.

  • Hello,

    I need someone - man, who is looking for leather pants.

    Let's call him The first client of men's collection.

    I need someone with standard size who will be also willing to provide pictures and share his opinion.

    Write me DM if you are ready to buy the best leather pants - your favorite piece in your waldrobe. ;)


  • M
    Gerd Schmidling
    Ehnu Centen-Gnosis

    Hi everyone,

    I have a great news for you!

    Soon I will be launching men collection of leather clothes.

    Let me know what pieces you struggle to find ;)


  • M
    Gerd Schmidling
    Ehnu Centen-Gnosis
    Tony J


    This dress is looking for the new owner.

    I wore it few times and now it’s time to say goodbye so they can bring pleasure to someone else.

    DM me for the price :)

  • M
    Gerd Schmidling
    Ehnu Centen-Gnosis


    Welcome to the group! Find here some pieces which deserve s...

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